questionswhy does woot not accept deals from certain sites?


and was another I had encountered before


I can't speak for Woot!, but in my opinion you're correct it's for protection, so that when you look for deals you can trust it's coming from reputable source :)

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i am just a wooter. i am not in any way "in the know" from a reputable source. i have seen woot delete and ban sites for spamming, and for being the kind of site that is skezzy. i have read before that "we have reviewed the site's business model and are not" something about being willing to accept them.


Just because a website "sells" stuff doesn't mean they are trustworthy enough for Deals.Woot to expose their following to.

I know that there have been sites that have just flat-out ripped people off, some have taken orders and taken nearly a year to fulfill them, and some misrepresent their products with a higher quality than they're actually selling.

At any rate, if deals.woot doesn't allow it, I want no part in it. I trust the staff 100% and if they say it's not allowed, who am I to second guess them?


@jjilk: nomorerack introduced itself by having an employee or affiliate posting spam deals. within a day or two we all hated that site.


@kamikazeken: figured it was something. Thanks!