questionsanyone having problems with wootstalker?


Working fine for me. Everything is bright and shiny.


Works fine here on Chrome.


It was all hosed up about an hour ago. I just blamed @lichme, called him names under my breath, then moved on. The site seems ok now.


The host was having some problems off and on, I made some tweaks and reverted some stuff. Been dealing with it for a few hours, should be ok now. May need to refresh. If it wasnt for the tag, I probably wouldnt have seen this. Also, it is unreachable from my work due to an unrelated network problem, but loads fine via VPN to my house.


@lichme: thanks! it's been up and running like a champ again!


@lichme: Thank you! Would like to mention that it's stuttering. ;-) Keeps repeating " item found." Been doing that for a few hours. Have refreshed a couple of times. Don't know if this is a 'tracker' problem, or mine. or mine. or mine.


@gmwhit: Has it been doing that recently? It was a problem with the host too, havent had a chance to see if it is resolved.


@lichme: I just started trying again about 20 minutes ago. Never have gotten in. Firefox says the server is taking too long to respond. Chrome and Opera both get same error.


@lichme: Yup. Just did it w/the last new item...I think it was sport. Actually, I wouldn't mind this on the wine offerings...don't want to miss any of those! ;-)

Edit: Just now stuttered once on the new Home item.


@tbgolladay: You may be somewhere that has a cut off path to the server like I am in now.

@gmwhit - Hasn't been stuttering at all for me. You have more than one browser open by chance? If not, may need to clear cookies.

If anybody else runs into problems, shoot an email to - I'd rather not use this place as a support outlet.


@lichme: Just a minor annoyance, but the mini view is having tiny seizures every second or so. I like the mini view because I can see all of them on one screen so I can alt-tab check quickly while I am at work.


@atd15: is the tracker that lichme created. It's the bomb.