questionswhich pc game download sites are good?


I'm curious myself about direct2drive. They have the Doctor Who games so I've been considering using them for a while now...


GOG, dosdays, abandonware, are all good. A lot of newer stuff is more about presentation and less about content (in the games, that is); I wouldn't bother with it.


Impulse isn't bad; Stardock has a long history of being fairly non-evil. I seem to recall them being one of the first companies go forego DRM and prospered for it.

Direct2Drive I have mixed emotions about, but most of them are about IGN/GameSpy rather than the service itself. They haven't always treated their customers well, but that may very well be in the past.

I have used EA's Service, but only for their exclusive games. It's clunky, but it functions and you're pretty much going to get what you've been promised. It may contain additional DRM hoops to jump through, or be slow to patch however.

I haven't used GOG, but have heard good things.

I tried OnLive in beta. No complaints. Full disclosure: I have a friend who works for them.

I'm a Steam guy by default though.


Gamersgate worked okay for me when I jumped on the Just Cause 2 deal. I had a small issue trying to use PayPal for the purchase, so I ended up using another company they support to run my debit card; it's actually nice to know they have a few flexible paying options.

Also, as @gatzby said, I'm a Steam guy as well. If you download a game from these other sites, I'd probably save the files to a DVD or backup hard drive/server just in case. Then you can add non-Steam games to your Steam library for easy access.


I would just stick to Steam. It's already one of the biggest (I think it is the biggest) online game downloading communities and IIRC big name developers are implementing Steam into their games.

Besides, its much easier to keep everything in one place.


I've purchased a few titles from Amazon's "Digital Games and Software" section. Once you've purchased a game, the download file and any keys are put into your permanent games library so you can always access them again in the future.

Almost all of my digital game purchases are made on Steam, but every once in a while Amazon has some deals that are just too good to pass up.


Amazon Downloads
EA Store (Watch out for DRM)


@cleverett: Thanks, I totally forgot that Amazon offers that service.


Try to remember that Steam is the most popular PC game client out there. They have everything varying from Super Meat Boy (indy style games) to Dead Space 2 (hardcore games).

I've got a few dozen different games on Steam, and I love using it. Highly recommended for how stable the client is and how large the variety of games there are.


I've made some purchases from Green Man Gaming. The purchases I made gave me Steam codes, so the games themselves download through Steam. They seem consistently cheap and the site is well designed. So far I haven't been ripped off by GMG and I love Steam, so it seems like a good combination so far. Anyone else have good luck with them?


I like Steam but don't share the (sometimes extreme) fanboyism. They don't support games they sell (I've purchased a couple old titles that didn't work at all) and support too slow. Fortunately, things work well so support is a rarity.

In order of preference, other sites I use include:
1) Amazon - Great deals and a small, unobtrusive downloader. The no-frills download service. Like installing a disc, just getting it over the Internet. Support is awesome.
2) GOG - Old games that are made to work on new systems. No problems.
3) Gamersgate - Their new site bugs me but they get some good daily deals and weekend specials.
4) Direct2Drive - Good selection, decent specials but ran into ordering problems the first time. Slow support and won't let you cancel a preorder.
5) Green Man Gaming - Young site out of UK. Aggressive pricing that I like but some US customers run into payment processing issues.

GetgamesGo, Beamdog, Impulse (now Gamestop) haven't used.

Boycotting Origin (EA).


Gamestop/Impulse - right now I'm feeling very negative towards them. I've been trying to place an order with them all day for a game that's on sale at a deep discount this weekend, but all three of my orders have gotten cancelled by them so far because they claim they can't verify my information. I think this explanation is pure O.D. nonsense - I attempted to place the order with both my debit card and my PayPal account, both of which are in 100% good standing, and I checked the information carefully on each attempted order before hitting the "send" button.

In fact, I find on further review that there are a LOT of threads in the Impulse order-support forum regarding this very issue. In recent weeks and months, a great many people have placed orders in good faith with Impulse, using accounts they know to be in fully good standing with ample funds and up-to-date address and other information, but have had those orders unaccountably cancelled. I'd say avoid Impulse until this is fixed.