questionsanyone else think dominos is lousy at email…


Agreed. If they had some variety (Artisan pizzas and lunch sandwiches, every. single. time.), personalization (sure it's creepy but if you're going to hit up your customer database, put in the effort), and price (if it's not a special deal, don't advertise it 2-3x/week!). How hard could that be?

Before I order from them, I check Woot--not their e-mails. Funny how nothing they've sent out has been Woot-worthy in a while. Domino's may have upped the quality of their food, but their online marketing is so very 1998.


You know why. There is an older guy in charge somewhere up the corporate ladder and this is the way he's always done it, so this is the way it will always be done. He doesn't like new-fangled technology and probably makes his secretary print out all his emails so he can read them and dictate responses back to her for composition.


Almost as horrible as the emails from Joseph A. Bank. Buy one of their shirts and you never hear the end of it. 1-3 emails per day touting the same "deals" over and over.

Why can't Dominos provide 1 weekly email? I'd actually read it if it came once a week. It just gets labeled and archived to a "Food" email folder now.


@90mcg112: Hey! What's wrong with older guys? ;) @curtisuxor: Wow! Your triangle has suddenly made me GREEN with envy. It looks like another change in the algorithm is happening. :(

EDIT: Sorry for the hijack. I have never eaten Dominos pizza, so I really can't answer your question properly. Sorry.


@jsimsace: I think I figured it out; I have to post at least 1/week in order to get bumped up to (and remain) black. I basically do everything else and that's the difference between green and black (30+ points, it seems). I just can't find good deals and by the time I do, they have already been posted. Honestly, color isn't a priority for me, but the algorithm is kind of wonky if doing one thing can equal 30 points.

This is where Dominos can help me out; by giving us ads with actual deals rather than trying to employ a "flood-your-inbox" method of marketing. Then I might have something worthwhile to post. :)