questionsbesides fractal design, who makes elegant…


Lian-Li are considered to be among the best. (Newegg Link)

I have a simple Antec that I really like. (Mine is one of the bland flavors of the 300).

NOTE: You can use the "Power" Search option under "Narrow Options" at the left to further limit your search based on your particular criteria on Newegg.

Also, there are lots of tips to reduce noise on your own, from replacing case fans (I use Noctua which are much quieter than cheapy fans that usually come with cases; Scythe are supposed to be really good too) to adding insulation to the removable side of the case.


I'll second Lian Li if you're looking for simple designs without all the fins, curves, and windows. They're a little expensive, but for some reason you have to pay a premium if you want a case that doesn't look stupid.


@anotherhiggins: I have a Scythe fan controller on my Coolermaster case and it's the bee's knees. I have never tried their fans (I use Xigmatech) but I have read fairly solid reviews about them.


@anotherhiggins: Thank you. Lian Li could also be a consideration indeed. I just can't stand that logo, if I get those I'll have to pop that logo out.

And I love the power search on NewEgg, too, but sadly I couldn't find the option for "don't look stupid". LoL!


@samstag: I know. Pretty silly isn't it?


@lll0228: Some of the Silverstone models might work for you. Especially their HTPC case line.