questionsmy tv was shipped with a cracked screen. fedex…


Send an email to They should be able to provide you with the number and help you reach a resolution


do what @thedogma said. I think the sender has to initiate the claim anyway.


I had the same thing happen on an earlier transaction. Contact service as stated above and Woot will email you a shipping label and FedEx will come get it...all on Woot's dime. least that is what is happened for me.


Hello! Woot CS staff member here. I have just sent you an email with info regarding the TV.....Oh, you just responded to my email as I'm typing this....What the heck I'll post this anyway. =)


@gatzby: I don't know about the inside, but from the outside-looking-in you have assembled a wonderful staff that is always ready and able to help. Kudos!