questionsdo you make a sandwich with 1 slice of bread???


I've made one piece of toast. I've also made 1/2 a sandwich with one piece of bread, when I'm not that hungry as well as when my daughter was younger and she just needed a snack.

A piece of toast with some egg salad and sliced tomato on it.. not what I'd call an "open faced" sandwich, but a great breakfast!


only time I do that is if I'm making a sandwich for my daughter


Unless I'm making an "open face" sandwich (which requires mashed potatoes and gravy) I might make half a sandwich - fold it over.

Otherwise, once again, someone's messing with people and their portions.


Maybe they just want us to improve our math skills, did you ever think of that? If Billy has a loaf of bread with 29 slices, and he makes a sandwich for Sue, how many slices in Sue's serving? How many calories in the remainder of the loaf?

But...I actually do make a half sandwich. I sometimes buy the bakery loaves that end up being absurdly huge in the middle, so I cut two, that fit together, in half, and make one reasonable sized sandwich. I use the other two halves for the next one.


I have done it before. It's just a way for the PTB to conform to the government requirements that make it easier to do the math on nutrition facts. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad they do it, but can't they be more realistic with their "servings"?


Sometimes for a snack like a PB&J. Actually, a folded piece of bread is a great way to make a PB&J because you can eat it taco style -- less likely to have jelly spill out.


Much easier to use one slice of bread than half a can of Campbell's Soup! That can is TWO servings!

But yes, I do make a half a sandwich often for the kids. Single piece of bread folded in half. Makes less waste. If they still want more after the first half, I make them another. If I had made a whole sandwich to begin with, they would only eat half. Backwards child logic. Another bonus is that they are less likely to pick at the crusts if it is a single piece folded in half. If it is two slices together, it gets mauled apart.


Why do you assume that the only purpose for bread is to make a sandwich?


I make PB sandwiches with one piece.

Considering that there's all kinds of things one would eat just a single piece of bread for (toast, a slice with butter for dinner, an open-faced sandwich), this isn't nearly as scumbaggy as splitting a 20oz Coke (or pretty much any other beverage) into 2.5 servings. If you can't just double the nutritional information on bread, you're in bigger trouble, though. (I'd personally rather double for using two than halve for using one)

I'm glad there's a "per container" serving size these days. Not that anybody ever looks.


No, I'm allergic to folded bread.