questionsdid you watch the american idol finale last night?


Nope. To be honest I didn't even have a clue that American Idol's season was still on, I always thought that show was only on in the winter months.


I watched it. It was fantastic to see John Fogerty playing old CCR songs live. I didn't think he was legally able to do that despite the fact he wrote the songs...


It's great to see that all the person who watched the finale found their way to this question.


Nope, but I find the name Phillip Phillips to be quite funny.


I'm just glad it's over so they'll stop airing the stupid g-- d--- commercials. I hate that show


Non-watcher here. I hate reality shows...except for Pawn Stars. And Swamp People. I know that they are scripted, but they are more real to me than singers or dancers.


@jsimsace Those are two of my sister's favorite shows :)

I watched the show when I was younger (which isn't saying a whole lot), but I did catch the last week when there were three. I didn't think that Phillip^2 guy could sing very well, at least not compared to the other two. But that show is rigged anyway, people don't vote for who can sing the best.

Honestly it's better for the person who gets second place, they're not tied to some bogus music contract and can choose where they want to sign. 2nd place Idol singers have done a lot better overall than the actual winners.


@jsimsace: In order to frame my comment, I used to enjoy the show (seasons 1-3), but the show just keeps declining in quality. It's more about the judges than the talent now and I think diminishing viewers (although still a ratings juggernaut) partially explain that.


@capguncowboy: I never saw the commercials lol. Honestly, the finale was the only episode I've ever watched. I never even got to vote. Seriously, this show has lost some watchers over the seasons. I think I've only watched like the original first three or so seasons and that was it. Simon Cowell is the best judge there is, I'm not sure about the judges right now lol.

@captainsuperdawg: Philip Philips is funny name indeed.

@jsimsace: I actually went to their Pawn Shop last month! It was so awesome! But they weren't there though, I think they were in LA when we went. Usually I guess if theres a lot of people waiting outside the store, the Pawn Star guys are inside the shop.