questionsam i being hoarded by ghosts?


hoarded? by ghosts? You mean ghosts have added you to their stockpile of wooters?


Sounds like you need to build a fence!


DUDE, you need to get out quick. One time when I was really young the vacuum turned on out of nowhere and the TV's sound went all the way up and it was really loud.. I made a break for it as quickly as possible and so should you. Who knows what the ghost want with you, you must of pissed someone off on the other side.


@jjilk: coincidentally we did build a fence in the backyard today.


My cable audio cuts out all the time. My fluorescent lights in my kitchen used to blink off and on for a little while. It is a sign the bulb or the fixture is going bad.

Ghosts probably don't exist. And if they do, I'm sure they have better stuff to do than play tricks on people like us.


1. GHOST HOARDERS sounds like the most amazing reality TV mashup that cable has to offer.

2. I assume it was just a momentary brownout or other fluctuation. Audio and video components are often quite sensitive to sudden changes in power... so if you don't have a decent surge protector on there, add one! I'd guess that the TV just lost enough power to put out audio and video, for that brief period.


I don't believe in ghosts or any other paranormal activity so I would say you probably experienced a simple brownout. No need to panic since this is a normal experience.