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Hey, there! You're likely to get more responses and hits by posting in the years-old-and-still-going-strong shirt.woot Random Shirt Trade Center thread ( over in the main shirt.woot forums. And, yup, like shirt.woot, it's not just for shirts anymore.
Shirt.wooters have a long tradition of posting what they get in the random sale thread and then also posting what they have to trade (and what they want) in the main shirt.woot forum thread. Trades are facilitated through the main forum PM system.
A further fantastic resource for trading/buying your stuff is, created and maintained by shirt.woot legend bluchez.
Good luck and happy trading!


@goldenthorn: Aren't 115 pages to look through just a little much?


@jsimsace: Not really - You start at the end, then work your way backwards. Anything more than a couple months old, don't get your hopes up too high, though you never know. It doesn't take that long to send a PM, so there's no harm in asking.


@jsimsace: agreed! Why can't they start a new one?


@mibutterflywingz: You're always welcome to start a new one there and see if it catches on.