questionsis there a preferred browser for using deals.woot?


Officially, I do not think woot has a preferred browser, but I think as a group we would pick Chrome first and a very close second Firefox.


There was a question two days ago about problems with Safari. I don't know if any it turned out to be the website changes or Safari that was the cause.


I use Google Chrome 100% for the past five years.

I'm pretty much very used to the UI now and it works out best for me.

I have used all the other browsers all at once before (Firefox, Opera, Safari).. I still come back to Chrome in the end.


Yep, it's called Not Internet Explorer but that's pretty much the whole internet.


Eh, IE9 is pretty good, actually. I'd say better than Firefox, tbh. These days, Safari is the red-headed step child of the browser world. Just don't use it.


@fenriq: It's funny how many sites only work with IE and are not compatible with other browsers.


And now the deal I posted with Safari was inexplicably deleted after 250+ up votes while the deal I posted with Chrome remains...I guess the moral of the story is don't use Safari with deals.woot