questionswhat celebrity would you want to make it out of…


Making it out of the zombie apocalypse suggests that we managed to survive and the zombies are kaput.
I choose Scarlett Johansson.
Chuck Norris would be cool, but after the revolution is over, what would you do?


I'm going with someone a little more athletic... I'm going with Sharapova


Everyone knows the answer is really Kate Beckinsale. Come on, people.


Kate Beckinsale is a great choice, but I have to say Olivia Wilde.


Milla Jovovich is also acceptable but only because of her proven track record of being able to take down hordes of super zombies without assistance.


She might not qualify as a celebrity, but I'm going with Kim Rhode (Olympic Skeet Shooting Gold Medal, she missed one out of 100 shots).


Now... when you say, "dead or alive", do you really mean UNdead or alive? Because that will change the answer a bit...

OOPS! I misread your question as "make out with" and pictured making out with a zombie or a celebrity...


Charlie Hunnam. Since we made it, might as well have something pretty to look at...


@rlapid2112: I thought so. I just have to remind him not to act like a zombie around me so I don't shoot him.


BIll died in that movie....(re: Zombieland)
Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Abigail Breslin and Emma Stone would be on my team!


@kelomaki: Is this assuming you would shoot him (Bill)?


@kelomaki: I know he died that is why In my zombie apocalypse he couldn't act like a zombie around my friends so he wouldn't get shot, though I wouldn't mind having Emma Stone around...