questionsuk t-shirt delivery


Here's the lowdown.

tldr: Basically you get charged $5 per sale type rather than per shirt. Sale types are shirt of the day, top 20, catalog, or plus sale. Buy different shirts from each sale type and it could run $20 for shipping. Buy 10 catalog shirts, it's $5. Buy 10 catalog shirts and one shirt of the day it's $10.


@zuiquan: thanks, but how do I know for sure what type are the shirts I selected? I'm pretty sure all of them are 'catalog' type since they're not on shirt of the day nor top 20 lists. do I just assume or there's a better way of finding out their type?
edit: i.e. is the type listed on a shirt page?
edit2: impressed by response speed


@sobieski526: You're quite welcome. Yep, if they're not on the daily or top 20 then they're catalog. If you're looking at the All Designs tab you can see that the ones that are top 20 have a little "top 20" next to the price and they're $15. The other catalog shirts are $18 so as long as you're picking through the $18 shirts you should be good to go for only $5 shipping.


When did Woot begin shipping to the UK?


@lavikinga: I'm not sure but they changed their pricing two weeks ago so I think sometime before that. I think it might only be shirts though.


@zuiquan: Seems to me they've "always" shipped shirts to the UK, but I could well be wrong. Someone who knows for sure will likely correct me.


@magic cave: That could very well be. I really have no idea and didn't realize they did it until that blog post where they changed their pricing on the 12th.


Here is the blog post from 2008 when shirt.woot started shipping overseas:

They were shipping to Canada before then.