questionsis there any way to recover info from a crashed…


If you can get it recognised by something, and formatted (format but don't write anything new to it!), you can often recover everything that was on it using a program like NTFS Recovery. If you can't get anything to recognise the drive at all, you're most likely out of luck. :(


@sully51: I thought I'd heard that with a crashed hard drive, you could put it in the freezer and get it to run for a short time to retrieve data. Wonder if it would work for a flash drive. Again, being solid state, probably not, but I guess it might be worth a try.


@jeffrjohn: That works on mechanical drives because of the effect it has on the lubricant inside the drive. Unfortunately, it won't do anything for your flash memory.


You might try THIS procedure although it looks to be pretty outdated at 6-years-old. I did a quick search and came up with several companies that offer to restore data for a fee. If the photos and videos are irreplaceable it may be worth the money.


I had good luck a couple years ago using a free file recovery tool from these guys: . But I was recovering photos that had been accidentally deleted rather than dealing with a crashed flash drive. Still, might be worth looking at.


I have one that I would like to pull stuff from but it won't be recognized by any computer that I've tried it in. I have hope that it will work someday soon with the rapid tech development. Don't give up on it!


@sully51: Thanks for your help. I was finally able to get a computer to recognize it, and I tried several programs to recover data, but the one you recommended gave me the best results. Got pretty much all my pictures back and most of the videos, 2 in particular that I really wanted. Thanks again for your help.


@jeffrjohn: Awesome! Glad it worked out for you!