questionssearching for a waterproof kindle 2 cover. any…


@hobbit: Thanks for the link; however, I HAVE found several already and listed two different manufacturers that I was considering.
I was asking for any recommendations from people here on Deals as I don't always trust the "reviews" on other sites including Amazon. I have found the wooters here to be pretty darn reliable. Perhaps I should have been more specific in that regard.

So, let me re-phrase my question:

Has any one here on Deals.woot purchased a waterproof cover for their Kindle? If so, what brand did you buy? Are you happy with the purchase and would you recommend it to others?


This is kind of a jumping off point here:

When it comes to water proofing you really want to make sure to have all the protection you can get (usually at the cost of looks as you can see) and if you are going to the beach with a prized digital I would really recomend you get -

That sand can wreak havoc on a screen.


@loosecannon67: Thanks for the suggestion. I didn't think about an additional screen cover. Wish I could remember what brand I bought for my iPod. I can barely tell there's a protector on it.

The cover at is supposed to be water tight to 15 meters, so it's great for poolside. It's a bit more than the TrendyDigital. I was hoping some one could vouch for one or the other.