questionsis it ok to wish a "happy father's day" to singleā€¦


I think it is ok if mom is doing the job of both parents.


I think it depends totally on how the woman receiving the wish is going to take it. Some will think it's cool and others will likely think you're a blockhead. Know your audience, I guess is what I'm saying.


As a single mom for 10 years: Yes. It is hard to be one let alone both. But so worth it.


It's ok if you need more practice at dodging slaps.


I'm going with no. Mother's day covers that. It's not about doing a "job," it's about who you are. Single parents get one or the other, same sex parents double up on one, and those of us without kids get neither...and a whole lot more free time and les debt :)


@zuiquan: Agreed, from a single mom of 2 1/2 years, I might get offended depending on the person or the message.



As the son of a single mother, I have all the respect in the world for moms out there doing it alone. You do a lot- more than any one person should, really- but for all that, you are not a father.


I think it's fine if you're close to the woman and know their circumstances. But if you're just saying it to a single woman you know, it might be awkward. It might be a very sensitive subject, knowing that while they're doing the work of 2 parents, their child still doesn't have a father. Or they might have chosen single parenthood for whatever reason and feel their life and the life of their child is complete without one specific father figure.

On another note, my "cat" did send me a father's day Amazon gift card through my mother, which I thought was nice, in recognition of my role as mother and father and complete nutjob. It wasn't as much as the one the cat sent on mother's day, but I'm ok with that.


No - for some you'll just remind them what "isn't".


Yes, as long as it's tongue in cheek.


That would be a bit strange. Even though they are doing the job of both, they aren't "fathers" and it might come off as a tad offensive to some to be reminded of that. How about just taking the time to recognize on a non Hallmark basis that they're amazingly strong women, doing the best they can for their child/children? Even saying something as simple as "you've got great kids" said to any mother can make us feel as though we're doing something right when the weight of the world seems especially heavy.


No. That's what Mother's Day is for.


That would be like telling single dads "Happy Mother's Day". Speaking as a single dad, I would not like it, and depending on who wished me such a thing, the reaction would vary from a smack upside the head to a fine choice of some rather colorful language.


I don't see why single mothers would need or want to be wished happy father's day. I'm sure they got many "Happy Mother's Day" a few weeks ago. Seems overly sympathetic...all the single mom's I know are...just like any other mom and don't need some turkeys feeling sorry for them by giving them a pat on the back on Father's day. I know feeling sorry is probably not what you're going for, but I think that's how it might come off. I agree with the post above, I would think you'd really need to know the audience.


@woadwarrior: That was my reaction as well. A single parent might fulfill both roles, but each parent has their own day of recognition.


Is this a serious question? Are we being punked?


stupid question that indicates the level of idiocy and political correctness our soft society has reached.


From the perspective of a single parent of children who are now in their 30's; when my son wished me a "Happy Father's Day" today I took it as a compliment. Not having a father who was involved in his life he felt I played that role . In the past, I have gotten a "Father's Day " card from my daughter as well. None of this was promoted by me but came out of the blue and from the heart and that's what matters.


Father's Day (and Mother's Day) are days (that happen to be Sundays, at least in the US). Since it is acceptable to wish anyone a Happy Tuesday, why not a Happy Father's Day?

However, in the spirit of the question, I don't see a problem with this for someone who will understand it in the way it is intended.


Yes, I am sure she has a Father.



I'm a single mom. Not a dad. My kids know what I do and thank me every day, I don't personally need to have another day of the year to get a card/presents/thinking of you Day. As someone mentioned above, it really depends on the woman.