questionsdo you look at "up to xx% off" ads?


Not for years and years. If it's a sale, let them list the things on sale, and not waste my time. It's kind of like going out of business, all prices slashed signs. You know that they marked everything up just so that they could "slash" their prices.

I usually avoid actual brick and mortar sales because I hate crowds, but I really hate deceptive advertising, and those "Up to XX% off" are the worst of the bunch (whether they're on line or in store).


@shrdlu: Couldn't have said it better! Didn't bother going to a nearby Border's when it was closing. Checked the website. It was a joke. Not amusing, though. My suggestion for those blanket "up to.." sales - find 1 item that really is drastically marked down & list that one. Mention in your description that there are other items on sale.


Nope. I can't stand advertising like that. Give it to me straight or leave it on facebook.

It's almost as bad as people being fooled by $x.99 and thinking the whole # is the real amount.


Honestly I don't pay attention to many retailer advertisements. There's always a sale going on. I'm always being bombarded. I'm numb to them all until I actually need something.


Then I usually buy it online. :-D


They might as well hang out a sign that says "no deals here, move along".


XKCD had a cartoon where he proved mathematically that the phrase "up to 50% off or more" had exactly zero information content. Nada. In fact, I could post a "sale" with "up to 100% off" and not discount a single item and still not be saying anything wrong.