questionshow many posted items on deals.woot do you…


If it's free, I'll usually "buy" it.


I can remember jumping on a few. I'm generally pretty conservative with my spending though, if the impulsive to buy is coming from external bombardment :)


I will usually get the free stuff even if it is not something I regularly use but only if I think that I will actually use it at some point. As for other things I don't really get that much unless it is something that I'm looking for anyways.


@eyeflytwohigh: Really, I think you are "buying" the free stuff. More of a quid pro quo. They send you something, and you give them your name, address, email, and phone number.


Honestly, not all that much stuff. Yeah, I'll usually bite when some shiny toy (headset, mouse, keyboard, etc.) is there super cheap, and I've found holiday gifts on here (yay heated mattress pad) but I'm usually pretty good about not spending too much, too fast.

I think the last thing I got from Deals was that mattress pad, and that was received in time for X-mas, so that says something right there.