questionschallenge - looking to purchase a 9" square…


I hope this meets your criteria, you are correct and they are very hard to find!

Marinex 1.9-Quart Square Bake Dish

Product Features
Prepare, cook, serve, and store in the same cooking vessel
Freezer to oven to table to refrigerator
Use in conventional or microwave ovens
1.9qt capacity measures 9-5/8" x 8-3/4" x 2"
Consistent bluish tint to all pieces

Edit: Here is another, it's a 2 pc. set with an 8x8 and a 9x9 with lids to boot!

This is a 2pc. set of square baking dishes that includes a small 1.2qt. square baking dish(8-1/8" x 7-1/8" x 2") with a plastic lid and a medium 1.9qt. square baking dish(9-5/8" x 8-3/4" x 2") with a plastic lid. Plastic lids vary in color from red, green, yellow, purple, blue, and clear. All Marinex bakeware is dishwasher safe. Item #GD16837727.


Walmart has the Paula Dean, Amazon the le creuset. I use an 8” Pyrex so I cannot account for either.


good place to buy from, fast shipping.

look around their site. i've found a lot of really good deals on some "different" stuff. bakeware is my hobby.


Buy four or more Pyrex kitchen items and get 40% off eligible items. (The discount will be shown at the final stage of checkout.) Even better, coupon code "Z03503" takes an extra 20% off sitewide. Shipping starts at $4.95 and sales tax is added where applicable
forgot to mention this on the post, and waited to long to edit it.


@klozitshopper: be careful. i just got thru looking at the others, and the multipack on the link says it is not for conventional oven use.


Truthfully, it needs to say Pyrex (or Corningware) to be what @Klozitshoper wants, I'd say. I have a couple, but I'm keeping them. It's even hard to find decent metal pans in the 9x9 size. I'd personally suggest haunting second hand stores, and antique stores that specialize in collectibles. There's decent Pyrex and Corningware stuff in all the ones I visit; I just don't need it.

Oh, lordy, I just realized. She needs a refurb. :-D


@moosezilla: I am not, but it is for a dear older (yes, that IS possible but rare!) lady who broke hers and simply cannot live without it according to her. I have been looking for one for about a year.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I will research them all. I don't especially know why, but she was adamant about clear glass. I have forgotten what it is that she absolutely, completely needs it for, but only 9" glass will make her happy.

I appreciate everyone's suggestions, and @shrdlu is correct in that searching in consignment/antique shops could very well produce the long-wished for item, but I thought I would rather get new if I could.


visit these sites to see if anything gets updated for sale:


Also, when searching sites like eBay, search 22cm or 23cm vs 9 inch.

Good Luck!


@klozitshoper: my mom-in-law is that way. she is such a sweet person. isn't it so nice to have these folks in your life. and if i getting for someone like that i would think they would appreciate the antique-ness of an old one, they have more presence to them. (just make sure to scrub well before giving)