questionschallenge: "office" bottle sports-caps/spouts


Your best bet might be to go to wal-mart, sam's club, or Costco, and buy a 24 pack of water with the sport tops on them. It will most likely be cheaper, and you can hand out waters and tell them to keep the caps for future use.

EDIT: Something like this but you'll find a better deal in the store


@capguncowboy: Well this is actually for a business I am opening up, and the caps will be for the customers. So if they want to buy a pepsi at the front desk, then I want to be able to also have the sport caps available.

ie: have a bucket of these sport caps on the counter for .15/ea (and the customer can buy 1 and re-use it)


Have you checked That seems to be their thing if you are looking for large quantity. I'm checking from my phone and can't tell if the exact top is in their inventory but it might be worth a shot.


I remember a call center i VERY briefly worked @ had these in the vending machine/sandwich carousel of death, for like a quarter. and no, i don't know where they got 'em, but there HAS to be a source somewhere....


they seem to be called "Push/Pull caps" the Local Plastics company has a listing for them in their website, but it loads a blank "contact us" type page..
here is said link....
hope it helps somewhat.


@earlyre: Good call on the push pull cap name! You can request samples from this company:


Thank you all for your input! Definitely a huge help.

(Yet another reason why deals.woot is the best part of Woot!)