questionshas anyone ever had trouble verifying their…


You could try paypal customer service and explain the problem also let them know you have made deposits with their service. you could also talk to your bank tell them you may have to switch banks because of this problem.


@oheifearnain: Been to Paypal customer service. They just seem to shrug their shoulders about it. I imagine they'd rather i get a paypal visa than increase my spending limit.


The site says you can also verify with a credit card. It will charge you rather than deposit. Perhaps it works with debit cards as well. (You must have one...)


@gregorylikescheapstu: unfortunately, when you follow that you weventually hit

"You have already linked your bank account, the first step to getting verified. To finish the process, click the Confirm Bank button below. You can also become verified by getting approved for the PayPal Extras MasterCard®."

and those are the only options they offer.


@gregorylikescheapstu: and... after doing more searching - literally searching with a search engine for the term "Link and Confirm My Card" i managed to find the page that does this.

there is no link from the payment profile pge to do this. paypal sucks.



Well that's stupid. They must have pulled the link when they realized how lucrative their own credit offers are. :p

Glad to hear they still kept the facility. Though, it makes me sad PayPal is so necessary, at times, yet such a stupid stupid company. Maybe Amazon checkout will put them under. :)