questionswhere is the best deal on large glass mixing…


I've got a few OXO plastic mixing bowls that are really nice. They've got a grippy rubber bottom on them that adds traction against the counter top which is pretty handy. The wall angle and curve of the bottom is designed to help mixing as well. Ours were a set that my wife and I got for a wedding gift 10 years ago.

As far as glass bowls go, prices are pretty much seem to be the same from store to store. I'd have a look around Amazon to see what you can come up with as far as shipping deals go. Another good place to look would be Costco or Sams Club.


You don't say how large your "large" bowl needs to be. Do you really need a set, or will multiple large bowls be better? Do you want only glass, or will some other non-plastic (like stainless steel) do the job?

I have a couple of very large glass bowls that now sit on the shelf because they are simply too heavy. The ones I actually use are stainless steel, because they are light, strong, don't leech chemicals, and don't break if I do happen to drop one.

A good one:

My favorite set: