questionshow would you handle this situation?


Yes. And threaten them with negative Yelp and Angieslist reviews while you're at it.


What a crappy situation. Sorry, couldn't resist.

As for what to ask for, you said their worker spent 10-15 minutes in there, and then you spent another 10-15 minutes cleaning up his mess, plus they did not finish their job because nobody wanted to move stuff into the bathroom after their buddy left his little present in there. Whatever they charge per hour, you're definitely by any way of looking at it owed half that rate.

On top of which, I agree, post to Yelp about it. I'm one of those weird people who actually uses Yelp for the intended purpose...I want to weed out the moving companies that do this kind of thing, so I look at Yelp to see what experience people have had in the past. Don't just give one star and use all caps and a lot of exclamation points, tell the story so others know what to expect.


I say give them a chance to reply then do what @stile99: said.

If you do start to justify not taking action, here you go:
When I worked for as a carpet installer, we had a guy that worked with me who gloated to me, he has not taken a free sh%t in 8 months. I always get paid when I sh%t. I only sh%t on job sites.
%95 of our jobs were in existing houses. I hated going with his crew because of this, Mondays were the worst.


Holy crap!!

UNBELIEVABLE! I would be calling them continually. I am unsure how I would handle it because I would be livid.


I would ask for the full hour and maybe an extra for the time you're spending on the phone and for cleaning up after one of their employees. Don't threaten them with bad reviews. Tell them that you are giving them a bad review and you can either include that they returned compensation or that they ignored you and did nothing. Do you have the guy's name? I'd get the person on the phones name as well.


You are not the first person I've heard this kind of story from. A friend had windows being installed and an installer asked to use the washroom. She ended up with the same result as you. I don't think she complained to the company, but I think she (and you) should have. I can't imagine the owners of the businesses would be happy to hear about what their employees are doing, knowing it will have an impact on their reputation.

So this brings up another question then. What should one do when a contracted worker asks to use the washroom? Not seem like a jerk and say yes and hope for the best? Or say no because you've heard all the horror stories, and then hope the worker doesn't take it out on you some other way (do a shoddy job, etc.)?


A good mover would've unpacked the toilet plunger BEFORE doing his business.

This is exactly why I put a toilet plunger in each of my bathrooms. During my Memorial Day grillout last year a of mine decided to do business in the guest bathroom and it didn't go well. He sent me a text to sneak him in a plunger since at the time I only had one plunger in the household. So to avoid this embarrassment in the future I went out and bought a plunger for each bathroom.


Ok, let's say for a moment that this worker was having, digestional distress and needed to use your restroom; when they did - your toilet was unable to handle it. Embarrassed, the worker says nothing and avoids the situation.
Did this leave you in a frustrating spot? Yes. Did they not do part of the job you paid them to do? Yes. That would be my complaint - that they didn't move anything into the bathroom, in order to avoid discomfort, which is unprofessional. Perhaps asking for a portion off of your bill because they didn't finish the job is appropriate. But I think being livid and taking it personally may be an overreaction.

Most of the things people do that affect us - are not intentionally don't to us, we just get the ripple.


That's happened to me on several occasions with tradesmen/ laborers. Now, unless it's a multi day project where they're in my home all day (and thus have no other choice) my answer is: nothing personal, but absof*inglutely not. there's a gas station a block away.

As to how you handle it - don't be reasonable. It's not reasonable that you were made to clean up a grown man's sh*t. If you approach the moving company reasonably, they'll smell it on you (lol) and you'll get zero satisfaction, and the further aggravation of being crapped on figuratively, to complement the literal crapping. Approach them in a fairly outraged manner. 15 minutes he wasn't working, 15 minutes you spent cleaning it, and the 1/2 hour it took you to move the things he was supposed to have moved in the first place. Me? I'd tell them it's still floating in there, and they need to send one of the guys back to plunge it - you're not plunging someone else's biohazard - waste their time as they wasted yours.


(continued) - keep in mind, i'm not saying that to be a jerk. As you can see from several of the stories - there's a general mindset among certain workers that this is perfectly okay. It's the american dream to be paid to take a crap in someone else's house. Not all laborers feel this way, but why should the burden / risk be on you, considering how prevalent the general disrespect towards people who have hired them is. I've learned to be more of a dick than i normally would. On the flipside, i have been able to narrow things down to a fairly tight circle of trusted tradesmen with whom i don't have to be. As for fear of the quality of work suffering - that's why you don't pay until the end, ever. I'm generally handy so can inspect most of the work done, and if it's not something i know, i educate myself enough about it to make a reasonable estimation. I wouldn't hesitate to hang their ass out to dry if they damage anything or the work suffers because i refused them a bathroom visit.


@thumperchick: I don't think being embarrassed is a good enough reason to leave a mess like that in someone else's home. The guy gets sick and makes a mess thats fine, it happens, but it's his to clean up. This company was hired to make his life easier, not give him headaches.

Most companies that have workers entering private residence's forbid them from even asking to use your restroom. Many go ahead because they don't think you'll say no. I clarify this point with each contractor I hire to do work me. That way they know ahead of time and usually won't even ask. I have no problem saying no. If the quality of work suffers I won't even try to acuse anyone or say I think the work sucked, I'll just be very adament about them fixing it.


I'd have called the company the minute I found the "present" and demanded they send someone to my house that minute to deal with it. Whether it was one of their workers or a plumber is their business. At this point since you have already undertaken the nasty business of cleaning up after a stranger in your own home, all you can really do is complain to the company. But I wouldn't start with a number, like an hours worth of refund, and I wouldn't start with whoever answered the phone. I'd go in and ask for the owner if it is a local company or the manager if it's a chain, and tell him the story, complete with the full, blunt force of disgust. Then I'd ask him what he's going to do about it. Of course, all of this is a fantasy, I'd probably just forget about it. Because it's a crazy world as as a woman who lives alone I am very cautious about pissing off men who know where I live. But if you aren't in that vulnerable position, go for it.


Return the favor in their truck.



This one still cracks me up to this day.

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This is really CRAPPY. I can't believe he would DUMP you with a $hitty situation. They were only supposed to have MOVEMENT of your furniture. You should not pay for them being slow as a TURDle. I'd be so angry I might smash a table to SHARDs. Don't CONSTIPATE the situation. PURGE their services immediately.


I spoke with the manager today. Before I could even discuss the situation he started making excuses. I wasn't listening, I cut him off and stated that the job was not completed and they destroyed my toilet. He then offered to refund me an half hour which I didn't think was sufficient. We settled on an hour. The move only took 2.75 so I was satisfied with it. We ended the call with him stating that he hopes that they did not lose my business. I made a point to tell him that they did and I stated that I would be leaving a review (a fair one mentioning the refund) on yelp.


at least he didn't leave an upper decker


@nmchapma: I agree that it's not reasonable. I'm not saying that the company shouldn't do something about it, I was simply pointing out that it's not necessarily something worth taking personally.

@conanthelibrarian: I'm glad you got the hour refunded. Sounds like they aren't a company worth dealing with again!


As military, my wife and I have moved 18 times in the last 22 years (I just counted them up, holy cow!) We have a running joke about the movers always taking a horrendous dump during the move. Because they always do. Always. So now we keep extra toilet supplies on hand to take care of the heinous crime. For the record, every move we had in Germany was completely ridiculous and they would disappear for like an hour but they always scrubbed out the toilet after defiling it.