questionswhat is the best everyday wine?


It took me a while to like reds, but once I got a taste for it there was no going back. I like whites, especially sauvignon blanc and the ubiquitous white zin. Blush isn't bad...fruity, good with dessert. Back to reds, I prefer cabernet. Merlot is a bit...over the top for my taste. In all cases, California wine is the best. I'll probably get downvotes just for that.

I've had French wines, and imo they're no better than American. Australian wine and I have never gotten along. Peruvian wine is surprisingly good. I met and had a few meals with some of the fine folks in Ica, and they take their wine very seriously. Does port count? Port isn't bad.

Out of them all, the best I've ever had was the 1996 Robert Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon from CA. It was perfect.


For me, the one that never disappoints is Bogle Chardonnay.


Whyyyyyy meeeeee?

Sorry, I thought it said "whine".


If there's a Trader Joe's in your area you're fortunate to have a wide range of low priced wines to try out and see what you find palatable.

Some of my favorites:

Trentatre Rosso - a blend of three different wines, very light and easy to drink
Castle Rock Pinot Noir - another easy drinking red wine
Contadino Pinot Grigio - crisp white, drink it cold.

I also like Bogle Merlot, which you should be able to find anywhere (including Trader Joe's). I tend to avoid the "Two Buck Chuck" wines (Charles Shaw brand, now actually 3 bucks) but to be honest their Cabernet Sauvignon is actually decent.

Remember, that snooty wine snob stuff about letting red wines breathe is actually very true. Don't put reds in the fridge (unless you have a special one for wine that you keep at 54 degrees F) and open them about a half an hour before you plan on drinking.


Edit: I forgot to actually answer your question - the best everyday wine is the one YOU like the best.


@durkzilla: Two Buck Chuck has actually won awards. I know, right? Crazy.

"But at the 28th Annual International Eastern Wine Competition, a $1.99 bottle of California Wine, the 2002 Charles Shaw Shiraz, beat out 2,300 wines to win a prestigious double gold medal."


I do not know anything about wine, but I started with a free sample from a lady at the supermarket. She told me she likes to add a 'bit' of apple juice to her wine. It was Beringer's white zinfandel. I never added the apple juice.


Whatever you enjoy. Go out tasting and find one that you like. It's a all a personal preference anyway.