questionsdo you put up a christmas tree or display other…


We put up a tree inside and a few lights outside on the shrubs and house. Why don't you give yourself an inner smile this year and put up a few outside lights? ;)


I haven't got the money for lights or fancy decorations, but I got a Charlie Brown Christmas tree at Walgreens for $10. My daughter and I are getting a kick out of its sad, single ornament and tiny tufts of needles.


@purplefeather: Oh! I absolutely love that pathetic tree. I have 1, too. It's sad, funny. :-/


@jsimsace: Would love to put up lights outside. Need a volunteer to help me. ;-) Late husband & I lit up our front yard w/many lights. Not overdone. Just beautiful. No one on our block had done that before. Neighbors then began to do the same.

It's still a delight to drive around & see the beautiful displays. Some string lights in their enormous Live Oak trees. Wow!! :-D


Tree and plenty of nativity scenes (the wife collects them), inflatable Winnie The Pooh (and she added Eeyore this year) plus other stuff.

Only two years we didn't. One we lived with her parents (as I was retiring from the Air Force) and one year we traveled to my parents...all other years we've had them (even if not going to be home on Christmas - not sure why we did that).

We even moved into a house on Christmas Eve one year (our first real Christmas together) - tree went up before the few boxes we had were opened.


Christmas tree(love my tree) and lots of snowpeople.


we got the aluminum Festivus pole out yesterday, and will be airing our grievances as we do every year.


@purplefeather: I have one of those, it always makes me smile.


A lot of my friends put up trees this weekend. I always wait til December if I'm going to. I also love seeing a good light display outside.


I decorated last night, although there are no gifts under the tree yet. It's 72 and gloriously sunny here, I needed a tree to make me believe Christmas is almost here. I took a picture at lunch.


I live on my city's official Christmas street, and I decorate the inside and outside of my house every year. I have giant candy canes & bows, several Christmas blowmolds, garlands, path lights, LED lights, net lights, wreaths, 5 foot tall soldiers, outdoor music, deer, and more! I bought some Santas from Woot earlier this year, and they're in my windows. (Thanks Woot!)

On the second Sunday of December, the official lighting kicks off and the cul-de-sac is blocked off so that people can walk the block. The mayor rides up the street on a fire truck dressed as Santa, and at the top of the hill, he then gets out of the truck to hand out candy canes to little kids that tell him what they want for Christmas.

Decorating the house is a family event for me, but I also get a kick out of bringing smiles to people that walk and drive through our street at night. I live in a great community.

Here's a local video:


@eepeep: Oh, that's just amazing! Can't thank you enough for sharing the video. :-D