questionsis this considered bait-and-switch?


Honestly? I don't know what you can do. I mean, you could probably send them an e-mail, but I don't know what they could do to rectify the problem, as it seems they either don't have any more AA blanks to print them on, or they just won't. I feel your pain, but I think you just gotta grit your teeth and see what can be done.


technically no.
the definition of "bait and switch" is when a product is advertised, and then you are actually sold a more expensive product because the first, advertised, product is not really available.


Agree w/@kamikazeken, it's not really a bait & switch. I imagine that there's going to be a lot of this kind of mix-up until all the old are gone & there's nothing but Anvil remaining.

Disappointing and frustrating for you to say the least. ...Especially when you made certain that you were ordering correctly. Knowing woot, they'll take care of you somehow. They're good that way.


@narfcake: I actually think it could be considered a bait and switch. Normally it calls for the 'switch' to be a more expensive product. But in this case, they advertised more costly blanks (ignoring the USA thing) for $12 then gave you a shirt using cheaper blanks for the same price. You could also consider the bait 'Made in USA' and the switch 'made in Honduras', yet you were only willing to pay $12 if it was from the US.

However, it could have just been a mistake. :-/ Maybe they have AA blanks left and accidentally used the Anvils? Either way, I'm sorry, and I hope it gets sorted out. I've been slowly chipping away at the reckoning to get the shirts I want that are still AA. I'd be upset if I ended up with Anvils when I specifically bought the ones that hadn't switched yet.


Well, this is concerning. I was planning on grabbing that exact same shirt (M3XL) soon, but if it's coming on an Anvil, I won't. Keep us updated, if you can, Narf!

Hope my Makin Bread doesn't come on an Anvil...


I'm pretty sure of you contact support, you'll either get your money back or an AA tshirt of the one you ordered. (if they have them). And no, I dn't think this is a bait and switch, as that implies an intentional change in your order, with no intent to provide you with what you ordered. If I thought this family of sites would do that, I wouldn't spend my time here.

@jezebelseven: ours came on an AA, not too long ago, so hopefully you'll be ok.


@okham: You're right, I didn't think of intention.


Oh no, here we go again! Good luck on this battle troops!


@kamikazeken: Definition accepted.

@kllangellier: $15, actually. I purposely did NOT buy the shirt on the debut day so Robbie (the artist) gets a cut of the sale. Even back when it was $10 on the debut day, I still bought shirts at the regular $15 instead.

@jezebelseven: Makin' Bread was printed before the switch, so I'm sure you'll be fine.

@mommyleah: Again? More like still! The complaints are going to continue, especially with the women's sizes when more of those roll out. Those that were a WS and WM with the AA blanks have nothing to move down to; gals that find that the new sizing is accommodating will find them unflattering in the way they bell out, especially since the shirts are widening as they're shrinking in length after a wash. More on all this is in this thread.


@narfcake: I'm sorry, I'm an idiot. I totally meant $15. IDK where I got $12, since I knew we were talking about the Reckoning. SMH Maybe if they have some AA blanks left and the Anvil was just a mix-up, they'll reprint on AA. Or is that asking too much? lol


You scared me and I had to run and check all 3 of my Shhhh shirts. Whew, they're AA.


@narfcake: You know, though, it shouldn't be. You buy an awful lot of shirts. And you do a lot in the shirt.woot forums, what with all your numbers and helpful advice and such. And it was their mistake, whether it be not putting the sign up, or mixing up blanks when they printed. If they have any more AAs in that color, when they print more of that design, they should print at least your's on an AA. I know that's like preferential treatment, but this is pretty important to you, and like I said it was their mistake.


I'm a not so wealthy grad student. I used to buy woot shirts because they were fun, and cheap, but good quality. I think I'm done purchasing woot shirts. I wish I had the money to buy a shirt and see if it fits... Unfortunately I do not. With the increase in prices, and the new shirts... I will have to look elsewhere. Sad, because I really love my woot shirts. :(


IMNSHO, they should replace your shirt with an AA print and/or refund your money. Sending you a new print on AA overnight would be the best remedy.


Something should be done to replace the shirt at no cost to you. Even if they say the shirt can be exchanged, don't pay for any shipping on either side. Screw that noise!


Just an update for those who care, the notice and sizing charts have been updated on the Shhhhhhh shirt page.

These were the pics I included:

Service looked into it this morning, and indeed, they have no more that are printed on AA blanks. The credit will go towards a spare copy of Spring-ATRON, Robbie's very first design here at Woot.

Which I think makes that my 40th shirt ... for 2012. Yes, it's only March. ^_^

Thank you, Woot.