questionshas anyone ever dealt with…


they use paypal and google checkout...thats a good sign :)


google this store and see more reviews about them

vote-for1vote-against has been 9 days since I ordered tomb raider and I am now wishing I spent the extra $10 so I couldve gotten it by now. the site has not answered any emails and the tracking shows nothing. the status has been at shipped for 7days now. :( still waiting...


3 more answer and I just missed the amazon deal for 41.99... :( this place is not getting a good review from me.


same thing here. I ordered Xbox Gold 12 months & I've received e-mails asking me to give them feedback for an item I haven't received.


@notoriouscheech: I actually just got me redeem code this morning. So I waited about a week to receive my code by e-mail.