questionsare you checking woot more now that the boc's areā€¦


Most definitely I am! Sneaky Woot...


Nope. But my Wootalyzer is...


I say we've got a lot of threads regarding the BOC/woot-off and should try to consolidate the discussion a bit? ;)

(Yeah I know, throw me those downvotes for being a mod here. ;)


@inkycatz: Does that mean you're shutting me down?? ;)


I scored one on the second round so I won't be glued to the computer... I will still check because I have a $20 JumboWoot code to use by 3/31


Not so much because of the Bunches Of Carrots but more because I'm trying to find something in general that I can use and not feel bad spending my $5 coupon on!


@inkycatz: I don't downvote for simple disagreements, but I really don't see the harm in letting them all stay. I'm sure that the people commenting on each of the questions (even the downvoted ones) feel their contribution is just as useful/important (or not) as any on the other questions.

I say to let it be. What does it hurt? I am able to ignore any that don't interest me. I ignore close to 100% of questions having anything to do with the bag of crap, or with shirts, but often participate (at least with voting up good comments) on discussions about the infrastructure of Deals dot woot.

Let them be. It hurts no one.


@shrdlu: i think it was meant as a deterent to more appearing than to actually shuting down the ones that are already here.


@moosezilla: Yeah, that's pretty much what I'm saying. Doesn't really matter how many threads there are to me, and the ones that are here aren't going anywhere. Just a general reminder for folks to be mindful as I know everyone has MUCH to say about this wild and wacky woot-off.

carry on, friends! ;)


@packman711: Pfft, naw. :) (Also I just wanted to see who'd take me serious and downvote me for saying that, haha.)


I am a little surprised with myself, but no, I am not paying closer attention. I am actually paying less attention. Usually I have every computer running Wootalyzer or and every chime causes me to double check. Not this time. I think I am Woot-Offed out. I don't seem to care like I used to.


@inkycatz: I understood what you meant, truthfully. Having been on the receiving end (in earlier days, before your time) of multiple and mass deletions of comments and questions, I may be more sensitive to letting things stand than some.

On a different subject, is there any word as to when all the synchronization problems between Deals and the main sites will correct itself? I note that if I log off, and then log back in to any of the non-Deals sites, my square returns to black, and my join date is normal. If, on the other hand, I just glance at anything to do with Deals, I revert to the [joined today|purchased only 1 thing] problem.

I am also still seeing quite a bit of the posting comments in the future (although not nearly as bad as it was last night).


@shrdlu: Oh thank goodness, because it's a bad go back to bed day when shrdlu doesn't even know what you're meaning and I was worried for a few! ;)

On the sync bugs, I'm really not sure. Safe guess is, "not even going to be addressed while the woot-off is on". It's annoying to our hardcore Deals folks, and I can appreciate that. I'll see what I can find out, but I am pretty sure someone's at least aware of it.

I see that posting in the future thing a lot these days and I'm just not sure if that's a feature now or a cool way to just sneak in edits while you can. Either way, I kind of like the time machine feel of it.