questionsso what do you think of this whole paula dean…


Huh I need to check the news more often, this is first I've heard of it. Personally I like Paula Deen and her shows. I always thought she was genuine on her show. Its very unfortunate if the claims are true.


A single mother who made & sold bag lunches to support her family, which she turned into a full time business, and eventually opening a restaurant. Sounds more like initiative and hard work than luck.


Do we have evidence that she's lying in what she's saying in her own defense? Or is this just a giant case of he-said-she-said?

To me it sounds overblown. There are some words and phrases that shouldn't ever be used, and so she certainly has unsound judgment, which it sounds like she'll admit to, but racist? That seems a bit too far until we have more evidence.

I hate the court of public opinion. It sucks majorly.


I finally read all about it. I think they went a bit too far with it. She made a remark about a place that had all black servers dressed in white dinner jackets and said that they looked really nice. At another point she made a reference to a Southern Plantation Wedding - most likely to photos and paintings she'd seen. Yes, the black people in the wedding pictures would have been slaves.

However, the core of her remark was about aesthetics and not race. And you could argue that the restaurant was discriminating based on race, but they're really discriminating on skin color. Hooters only hires women as servers, and has a fairly narrow range of those that they'll hire. This does bring about a problem. Clearly the modeling/acting world has an exception to hire whoever looks a certain way. And if your employees are also acting as models - as part of the aesthetic, it's a very grey area. We don't know why the restaurant hires that way.

Paula was a waste of TV time anyway.


A woman born in the Southern United States in the 1940's was asked "Have you EVER used the N-word". Not, "Did you call this white person suing you the N-word", not "did you use it last week", but "EVER".

Again, this question was asked of a woman born in the Southern United States in the 1940's. Ever, in 66 years, did a person born in this environment use this word.

And then we're stupid enough to pretend to be shocked at the answer.


@figgers3036: Ageed. She admits to having used that word before. She also says she regrets it. Her apologies and regrets may not be sincere but who's are? I don't like her or her show, but I don't think she should be judged solely because she admitted to using the word. She is still the same person as she would have been if she'd lied about it, you just wouldn't know.

@stile99: bravo. but regardless of the region, I'd bet you'll be hard pressed to find someone born when she was that hasn't EVER used the word.

We all make mistakes. Don't be so quick to judge.


To everyone involved in trying to ruin Paula Dean's life......... may God forgive you. What has this world become? If you yourself are not guilty please do "throw the first stone". For Paula I am praying for you during this awful time in your life, just keep in mind God knows all and he will judge for those involve who seem to be enjoying the pain they are putting you through. Just pray for them...... because they truly need the prayers.


@glowingbea: holy cow, a real person with double whites!! HAHA


@nmchapma: It's probably Paula's reputation firm. Maybe she hired the guys that handled Amy's Baking Company.


I've always thought her "sweeter than honey topped with molasses" bit was a little much. Now, having said that, the restaurant business is filled with wackadoodles, employees and employers both. But for this many people to be coming out and saying that her business practices were not completely aboveboard I've got to think that where there's smoke there's fire. I think that if you're going to require people to work for you you ought to pay them, and not in beer. I worked in a restaurant that needed to be repainted so the manager was going to have a painting party where all the employees were supposed to show up on a Saturday morning and spend the day painting the restaurant for free. I was "out of town" that weekend. Seriously, don't expect me to work for free. It's not happening.


I'm not going to argue with anyone, but I am going to post what she actually said, so that everyone who hasn't seen/read it can put the outrage into context:

Wedit. Photo removed by request.

Wedit. @stile99: We were not aware of the photo when you tattled.
In the future don't assume we know and support all that happens here. Just tattle, and keep personal attacks to yourself.

It's not that she said an offensive word, it's really about the context she said it in.
(If you would like corroboration, Gawker pulled that straight from the court documents.)


@glowingbea: So you're somebody's sock? Or did you just happen to drop by this site today and decide to register so you could spew your own self-righteousness here? I don't know where you're from, but I think it's pretty silly to address comments here to Paula Deen; this isn't Face book or someone's twitter feed.

I've never used the language to which I think you're referring. There isn't any god to forgive me. You would do well to abide by your own misguided preaching here and stop judging people.



@thumperchick: Do you have a link for that, please? The only article I could find showed the same quote you did, but there's no attribution. I haven't been able to find a copy of the actual deposition or court filing, so I'd be grateful if you'd get a link and citation for me.

And would you please not put up a near-life-size shot of Ms. Deen? There's something about her that makes my teeth hurt.


@omnichad: Actually, yes, we do know why Hooters hires that way. Just as with actors and actresses, it falls under the "needs of business" exception, and if I recall correctly, they've won at least one court case under that claim. It's officially referred to as Bona Fide Occupational Qualification under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.


@nmchapma: "I'd bet you'll be hard pressed to find someone born when she was that hasn't EVER used the word."



Interesting. I scanned that deposition to see if it would help determine if in fact Paula Deen said the word, or if someone else did and she laughed in reaction.

I must be doing something wrong...I can only find one instance of that word, and it is from the questioner. In fact, she is explicitly asked what word she would use, and she said 'black'. Searching for the phrase "N word", however, is very revealing, and I believe more people should read the document and make their own decision, rather than listen to people who are spreading lies about what was and was not said.

Thanks for posting that really belies the photo you posted though. I wonder how many people making these false claims against her are projecting their own personality flaws onto her in some sick attempt to make themselves feel better.


@stile99: The deposition from Lisa Jackson is the only source of that quote. It's not repeated during Paula's deposition. It could be true, but it could be a disgruntled ex-employee's revenge. Only they and a few others know for sure.


@stile99: The deposition from the plaintiff says she said it. Paula Deen herself says she remembers the conversation - and saying everything around it, but denies the use of the n word. I would say it's a case of making up your own mind. The N word is actually NOT the most offensive thing she said there - and she admitted to saying everything, except the N word.
She did admit to saying the N word in one instance, unrelated to this case.


@thumperchick: And yet you post a photo of Paula Deen, with text you admit did not come from her. Why? Surely you know most people's assumption would be to link the two as you did, and assume she said it.

As I said, and you agree, people really should read what was actually said, rather than rely on the claims of what people are falsely saying and very heavily implying she said. I don't know why you and others feel the need to smear her in this way, but I find it equally offensive as I do that word.

Come to think of it, I find it more offensive. The word is used out of ignorance. The smear campaign is done out of maliciousness.


@stile99: Her accuser says she said it. You're attributing malice where there is none. That statement is why people are angry. A lot of the people had not read it. So, I posted it. That's it. I haven't even posted my opinion on this subject, just information. Make your own mind up.

But I guess a good old accusatory argument is much more fun for you than simply stating your opinion.


@thumperchick: "I am going to post what she [Paula] actually said"

I believe telling people she said it, not that she was accused of saying it, is what @stile99 is talking about. You say you haven't expressed your opinion but looking at the image of that alleged qoute beside her face makes your opinion pretty obvious.

I do not agree with the use of that word but I'll admit I probably say things or call people much more offensive names, not names that focus on race but still equally offensive. I'm sure everyone on that network has said things offensive to or about someone at some point. whether they meant it maliciously or not. We don't get to condemn the world being offensive. Take it as a lesson to better yourself and move on.


@thumperchick: So you are saying you are proud to have posted that picture, with caption containing the N word? You would happily own having done so if you were in Ms Deen's situation, under oath and asked in a deposition if you had posted such a picture?

I'm still wondering why, since you admit those are not Ms Deen's words, you chose to show a picture of her with that caption, rather than the person who actually spoke them.

But I guess good old passive aggression is much more fun for you than simply stating your opinion. Oh wait, you've made your opinion very clear, by using the same word she is accused of using.


@nmchapma: You make a solid point. My choice of wording was poor. I should have said, "This is what she is accused of saying." Apologies.

@stile99 - I'm not going to get into this aggressively worded, ridiculous argument with you.


@thumperchick: Wise move. I doubt I could defend posting that photo with that caption either.