questionshow cruel would it be to have a woot-off on…


Both my girlfriend and I would watch the Woot-off; we'd just post-pone any Valentine's plans until after the BoC was sold.


I got coupons burning a hole in my pocket. Let's do this.


Not cruel at all, I've got three days coming up with nothing to do....


They're sending me to mazda school for 2 days >:C I really hope woot waits until next week to woot-off (i doubt it though)


Only cruel because I have class from 9:30-2:15.


Woot or your significant other? If you really have to think about this you have bigger problems than I can ever imagine... I am cooking a nice dinner for my lovely wife for Valentine's Day...


It would be like that commercial with the guy checking the score while on a romantic date...


Money can buy me a flying monkey, but money can't buy me love.


This would be most cruel to the lonely staff member at woot who volunteered to work the valentine's day woot off shift because they don't have a date. Have a heart, don't do it.


I'm up for it. The kids are having their second snowday in a row...I'm stuck at home...


My first BoC, now that sounds like a perfect Valentine's Day Gift! Convincing my wife to postpone things until whenever the BoC comes up for sale, not good for my health or my relationship.


I don't think it would be cruel at all. People who don't happen to have a significant other at this time need something to do also.


I almost didn't reply to this because it had 14 answers and I didn't want to mess up the joke.

I've got nothing else going on today, so it wouldn't be too cruel in my book. Even then, if you had a Valentine you could always say you're shopping for his/ her presents. Pluralizing the word preeetty much gets you a by.


Seems to me it'd be cruel for the staff's significant others.