questionshas anyone else had hdmi ports die on their vizio…


Actually not with a vizio, but with a different brand. It took me a few trys to realize that one of my cables had somehow managed to get a slight bend in the connector to allow it to not make the connection right. I only figured it out when I wiggled the connection and got a moment of pass thru.


I've got a 32" and a 22" Vizio, and no problems with either. They're both 3-5 years old.


I had all HDMI ports on a Sony TV die. I think it was the result of a power surge through the coaxial cable (since I had the TV power plugged into a protector but not the cable). It was still under warranty - the guy replaced something inside the TV and now they all work again.


@ihatedealswoot: I thought maybe it was the cable too, bought new ones and it only worked if I moved to a new port. Then the new one died, then same thing, over and over. :(

@okham: I have 3, a 22", a 42" and a 47" and this is the only problem I've had, and it was after I moved it - so don't move them!!! :)


@benyust2: Thanks for that tip, I had thought about that as being an option as to what happened but wasn't sure if it was actually possible. I believe the surge protector I have has a spot for the coax, but the ex did not have it running through there so I didn't do it when I moved the tv up there. I will find another cable run that through tonight!


I have a 47" led vizio in the bedroom and have not had this problem at all, its been moved a few times as well.


@lmensor: Yeah, after that happened, I made sure not to connect it again without using the surge protector. I guess those coaxial ports on the surge suppressor are there for a reason!


I don't own a Vizio, but I run all my connections through a surge suppressor and have had no problems. :::knocks on wood:::


I have a Vizio 60 led. Had problems with the HDMI ports saying "No Signal" Here is the fix. Unplug the tv and disconnect all devices from the HDMI ports. Now hold down the power on button on the TV for 30 seconds. Make sure the power is off all the devices you are connecting to the TV. Connect the HDMI cables back into the HDMI ports on the TV. Plug the TV back into the wall Power Outlet. All ports should now work again. Good Luck!


@bowlenj: thank you!!! that worked perfectly