questionsare woot staff rated on the popularity of their…


You have GOT to know that they aren't going to answer most of this. Here's some of the stuff I am pretty sure of, though.

Most of Deals staff were hired to find and post deals. Everything else (for those folks) is secondary. They're more likely to post deals from places with affiliate links (for so many varied reasons that it would take 20 comments to put them all out there). It's better if they go popular, sure, but part of that is because it means more eyeballs see it. More people click on it.

Do they care if you post something before they do? Maybe. I can't say on that one. On the other hand, certain things are beneficial either way, and the fact that the deal is out there is plenty. I've tattled when a user managed to post a deal from one of the FPV (frequently posting vendors) before the vendor did. In the case of someone like dailysteals or gearxs, they're just happy that the deal gets posted.



[Continued] I can't do it in one comment.

You can't beat staff on #sponsored deals, because they don't become visible until Midnight, Texas Time. That leaves plenty of staff, though.

Does @thunderthighs need to post deals? I'm not sure that it's a major requirement, but she goes through some serious moments now and then (and some of it is REALLY fun, so you should watch for it). Does @faughtey need to post deals? I think that it's probably part of her job description, but since she's doing the night/weekend/swing shift kind of thing, I'd guess her major work is watching for and fighting off the counterfeiters, and the other morons. She also posts some pretty great stuff, but not a huge amount.

@wootfast, @loosecannon67, @hizzo87 and @wootmango22 are all mighty deal hunters, along with @thefenst and @prettywootprincess. We used to also have @wootiewooterson, but she's doing other things now.


@shrdlu: Thank you. I wasn't even thinking about sponsored deals when I posted the question and I know staff will probably not answer but I was hoping that one of them might stop by.

I figured a little friendly competition between the staff might occur to see who could post the most popular deals or to see who's deal got the most comments.

I know that there is fierce competition in the community to be the best and wondered if the same thing happens among the staff members.


@squirtle456: That's actually an interesting thought. Maybe the Fab Four will stop buy and give us the skinny. On the other hand, I point out that they have the weekend off, and you did ask this on a Saturday night...

@wootfast, @loosecannon67, @wootmango22, @hizzo87: Reply


Crap. Missed it by that much. Here's another:

@brutherford has become the voice of Moofi. Sort of. I think.

[Edit] I should also point out that he seems shy (I'm guessing it's a "he").

[Edit again] ...and the ever elegant @thunderthighs weighs in.

[...and, it's a record. Edit, 3rd time] @squirtle456, what is a "Bay City Rollers" and why is it on repeat? Serious question from serious Shrdlu.


@shrdlu: I'm not on the Deals team so posting deals isn't a part of my job description. I'm just a little ol' community moderator. I just post 'em because I feel like it. :D


@shrdlu: Yes, late Saturday night and I have the Bay City Rollers stuck on repeat running through my head. Thank you for the summonings. Now that the question has a chat tag (I forgot to put it on and I am still not sure what meta means), it should still be around when they come back on Monday morning.


@squirtle456: Fierce competition? On deals.woot? Nah, that would never happen...
Glares at the 12 people who are currently better than him

Also, "META: (of a creative work) Referring to itself or to the conventions of its genre; self-referential" so it has to do with Woot and the community


@shrdlu: Bay City Rollers were a popular Scottish band from the seventies not sure if they made it over here.


@shrdlu: Sorry, I didn't see your edit last night -


from "So, I Married an Axe Murderer" w/Mike Myers


@squirtle456: I don't youtube (unless dragged, kicking and screaming, and you don't own that kind of weaponry), but @oheifearnain's explanation worked for me.

Thanks for the updates. I'm guessing I probably wouldn't be thrilled to hear them anyway, if they can be made into earworms.


@shrdlu: Sorry, didn't know about the youtube thing - won't let it happen agin. I had just watched - So, I Married an Axe Murderer, when I signed on last night and the song Saturday Night by the Bay City Rollers is featured and it is an earworm (it is still stuck in my head).


Excellent movie. Highly underrated and under-appreciated.

"Head, get the paper!"

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