questionswhat kind of led flashlight do you like ?


2 years ago I bought a smith and wesson CREE flashlight from woot and it was super expensive but it's in incredible light. The beam is very powerful and with somewhat light use I'm still on the same batteries I put in it the day it arrived.


Do you a seller for that flashlight ?


They are quite expensive(although ~$50 less though Amazon) but I really like my Streamlight Stinger LED. It's what most police use and since it's rechargeable I never have to buy batteries(I suppose after 5 or so years you might need to replace the easily replaceable built in batteries). They go for ~$100 at Amazon and at least $50 more at B&M stores that sell police and fire equipment(uniform supply shops). Make sure to get the "kit" that includes a wall charger and some even include a car charger for charging on the go.


I never thought I would say it, but I really like the MAG LED lights. I have a 3x D-Cell and a standard 2x AA. Both are blindingly bright, plus you can focus the beam.

This Home Depot link is not a deal, but you can find them there.


I acquired a Surefire LX2 LumaMax a couple years back and still have it. It is a great light. I periodically lose it though, it's very small & for whatever reason if I'm using it around the house I always forget to put it back in the right place!


I second the MAG lights. Excellent product.


You have top end lights like surefire to mag etc...

The things that really count is the cree style led and learn the models of the cree chip like XM-L T6 which does a easy 400 lumens.... each light should have the the chip listed and you can look up on cree's website..

I personally like Nebo lights and I just upgraded my older 220 5616 model with a newer XM-L T6 20mm star and wow it was kickn before and now getting 1100 lux at 16 inches on older batts 3 x aaa but at 1 meter it was 300...

So a 20 buck light with a 10 buck mod works awesome... Just make sure the light uses cree chip and has good ratings... you can find parts on ebay/web to change the drivers from 5 mode to 1 or upgrade the amps etc.. plenty of sites about modding lights and lasers that really make paying 75 bucks for one kinda silly when you can mod or make one with real parts cheaper


i bought a little flashlight which from my product can see the type is UY-Q6M (well ,i don't remember exact name is) im impressed by this small flashlight with 5 modes,it can by use in so many places like
i can take it with camping/bicycling with it at night even can use it when you fix under your car as it is magnetic,very good.