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Oh, dear. This is just a tough one. Assuming the following:

Both these people are in their twenties.
Both are employed, and reasonably educated.
Joe Bob (we'll call him that) and Jenny Lynn (seems fitting) both have some general description of each other.

You don't say how this was arranged. Dating service? Friend of a friend? Someone from work?

It sounds like Joe Bob's a little shy, too. Good initial topics are the weather (that one's easy, right now) and the menu (likes, dislikes). If they drink, a discussion of wines (or beers, or spirits) is a possibility. Asking after any mutual acquaintance (if there is one) is nice.

Pets are good. Interesting locations in the area are potentials. Here's some conversation starters (depending on what's in your area):

Have you been to the zoo? Did you see the movie Avatar/Sherlock Holmes/{fill in the blank}? Have you tried {fill in ethnic choice of food} restaurant?


Also sounds like he could use a pep talk or advice from someone older.
For example, he should know his blind date is most likely nervous as well. And if he shows genuine interest in what she says, she will most likely respond in kind.
Good luck to him!


How do you like your martinis?
What are your feelings about Kina Lillet?
What is your favorite model Aston Martin?
Which is your favorite 007?
Rolex or Omega?



Gin, three olives
Too sweet for me
Sean. Forever & ever, amen.
Omega--finally received one for my anniversary. Time now sparkles! The Hubs has worn a GMT Master since forever.

Favorite Bond Theme Song: "You Only Live Twice" Safe Home, Jon Barry.

I want to be Honor Blackman when I grow up. Poor Moneypenny. I know how it feels.

Don't be afraid of the silences, just smile. Sometimes even commenting about them, saying: "This is nice to just sit with you and not feel like I have to fill in the silence. It's refreshing." Playing the "Ginger or MaryAnne Game" helps too. You know, you ask "which?" Like Jeannie or Samantha, or "Captain Crunch or Honeycombs?" It's a silly game but can lead to fun conversation.
My daughter is going on her first date today with someone she met on eHarmony. I feel her butterflies


Do not talk about politics.

If he is taking her out to eat, stay away from foods that have strong and sharp flavors such as onions, garlic and vinegar. They will not make him to appealing to her.

Tell your friend that she will be as nervous as he is.

All of the women I dated were arranged through a third party. This is how I met my wife.

@lavikinga: how does eharmony work? Are there people behind the scenes facilitating the matches? There are Jewish dating sites that work like that.


@sgoman5674: I really don't know how they work. She dropped the news about eHarmony last week. She's an RN and works nights, so it has been hard for her to meet the right guy. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that their vetting system will introduce her to someone who has more in common than playing WoW.

Her last few boyfriends have been...well, not very manly guys. You have to understand I grew up in a military family and married a Naval Aviator, so I am used to the men in my life having a bit more, oh, I don't know...swagger? Drive? Macho-ness? Go-getters.
Due to how she met them, her former beaus have been more Zac Efron than Brad Johnson. This one is a former Army tech (seen combat) with a Bachelors in History. I know at least THIS one has testosterone--he can grow a beard and he LOOKS like a man. They seem to have the same interests and ambitions. They have Skyped a few times. My daughter said that went very well. My best advice to her was "take your time."


@lavikinga: I'm partial to Roger Moore.

Talk about family, work, where you are from. Movies/television is also an easy subject.


@lavikinga: Sorry, I'll have to second the vote for Sir Roger Moore... Sean is one of my favourite actors of all time - absolutely love "Finding Forrester" - but he just doesn't convince me as a Bond... You Only Live Twice is also a favourite, but I cringe every time I hear him say saké, and right after Tiger says it properly.

@magic cave: Anywho, back to the blind date topics of conversation - Music is fairly safe.
I, personally, love to talk about books and could do so for many hours, so literature could be an option... unless Joe Bob isn't very well-read.
Then, go on to favourite foods, especially international. Any special knowledge of a particular culture is usually helpful to spice things up in a conversation.
However, the biggest piece of advice I'd give to Joe Bob is to not talk about himself - talk about HER! Draw her out of her shell by asking her about interests, home, places she has been, etc... Ask about her dreams - where she'd go if she had $10,000 to blow on a trip.


Thank you all for the suggestions. If Mr. Young & Wonderful shares any results with me, I'll share them with you.


Have you ever been convicted of a crime?

Do you use drugs?

Are you seeing a psychologist?

Maybe not the question that they want to ask, but these are probably the questions that should be asked.

Then there are all the basic ones, like once they introduce one another, ask her/him who they were named after. Most people have a name that comes from some member of their family. This can lead to an open ended discussion about the person's family, and if left open with the phrasing of follow up questions, can help to 1) gather a lot of intel on the person, and 2) makes them do most of the talking.


I find a simple, "Kegstand?" tells you a lot.

But more seriously, just chat, aim to be natural. Treat them like a friend. Preferably one you don't try to sleep with on the first date, of course. I'm a firm believer that if it's meant to be, conversation will flow naturally anyway. It's also okay to admit to being shy.


@magic cave: Ha - I was thinking about this thread again today. If you happen to hear how the date went, feel free to share!


My question would be "do you know what woot is?"
If NO Then you have the entire night to explain what woot is.
If YES then you can talk about coolness of woot and all the 'new' features.


For those who are curious about the end result: the blind date was arranged by a mutual friend who thought the "prospective couple" might enjoying meeting each other. My guy said it was a great evening, with dinner first and then dancing at a club. I gave him the link to this question and bless his heart, he stuck a little cheat-sheet of his favorite conversation-starters in his pocket (thank you again, wooters!). He said he tried mostly to his date open-ended questions, but once he got started they both sort of found their footing and he forgot all about the list.

It apparently went well -- there were plans for another get-together this weekend with a small group of her friends -- and I'm sure his success and confidence were boosted by all the wooter-support he found here. Thanks again!


"have you been blind all your life?"