questionswhat are your thoughts on the new amazon kindle…


I am not sure what to think. Part of me thinks they may have priced themselves out of the market, but another part of me thinks if anyone can compete with the iPad Amazon can. They have the marketing and pockets to support a new tablet "wave".

As many Android tablets that have come out none of them really had a "name". Motorolla, Asus, Acer, etc. it was all the same tablet. Amazon does add something that none of the other manufacturers have been able to offer. And with the deal they just signed with EPIX, they are ahead of the game. So it may go over well, but still a tough pill to swallow for $400.


well it looks like they didnt kick their stupid operating system or their limited app store :-P I like my fire for what it is but the Amazon OS version of Android is the #1 thing that stops it from being like another tablet.

Couple that with alot of the cool stuff it does ties in with Prime therefore another 80 every year ... Ill pass on the upgrade


@coondogg97: Agree. I think what differentiates them from the other Android tablets is that Amazon also provides an infrastructure with their app store, cloud storage, movies & tv shows, etc whereas the others are simply the OS and the googleplay app store.

It's the only real competitor to Apple but doesn't have as much cache or coolness, but that comes with a premium.


Kindle Paperwhite--pricey.
Kindle Fire HD--meh.
My Kindle keyboard (3G)--priceless.


the 4g is only on the $500 version. For that, you should have alot of new features. I was a day one buyer on the Fire and I like, but I don't use it as much anymore. It did push me to get a droid phone which I use nonstop.

Once you use a droid, you realize how bad the amazon OS is. I will either replace mine with a ICS tablet or go with a new windows 8 when they come out.

OR.... and this is true for alot of folks that I talk to:

I may say the heck with tablet and go back to a light laptop. the phone does 90% of what I need. The tablets are too big to carry around. Sure, it will fit in your briefcase, but so will a light laptop... and I would rather have the latter.


They replaced ONE old model of Kindle Fire with SEVEN different models of the new Fire. Wow. Seems like overload, and will confuse the marketplace. How many kids will be upset on Christmas morning because they asked for a new big screen Fire HD, and instead got the base model?

Seriously, count them, there are 7 different variants. Too many in my opinion.
- 7" basic model, 8GB
- 7" HD, 16GB
- 7" HD, 32GB
-8.9" HD, 32GB
-8.9" HD, 64GB
-8.9" HD w/ LTE, 32GB
-8.9" HD w/ LTE, 64GB


I completely understand why Amazon uses a closed system on their devices, but as long as that is the case, I will not consider one of their tablets.


I'm pretty impressed. Enough to be almost tempted to buy one of the $199 7 inch Fire HD's and even crack a smile at the $499 4g LTE model with the $50-per-year data plan.

But I'm resisting myself in remembering I only ever used my clunky acer tablet to read on kindle and now it sits on a side table. So all I really need is one of the new regular kindles they came out with, which also seem pretty snazzy and nicely priced.

I'm also surprised at just how many models they came out with at once. I'm unsure if it will cause market confusion or take many markets by storm, but it will be interesting to see. From the standpoint of not wanting a tablet, it's more fun to watch these things unfold.

(edit: I will add I'm a little miffed they're ready to ship the new 7" Kind Fire HDs in a couple days but are making folks wait until the end of October to get the new Kindle Touch. Seems like a gimmick to get folks to shell out for the tablet over the ereader.)


I'm thinking that my Viewsonic g Tablet is getting pretty old.


I'm still waiting for Amazon to give out Kindles when you subscribe to Prime :)


Oh and it SEEMS like they introduced a ton of new devices, but don't look at it like 7 devices -

it's really just 3 devices with different options:

1) Kindle Paperwhite
2) 7" Kindle Fire HD
3) 8.9" Kindle Fire HD


@djbowman: There would be no reason for Amazon to make the Fire if it decided to drop it's own OS for vanilla Android. They make only pennies (if any profit whatsoever) from the actual hardware sales; they'd be kicking themselves in the face by doing that.


Have no interest in the Fire - old or new ones. Was/am interested in the new Kindle w/Light. It's $10 more than the Kindle Keyboard 3G w/o ads. Not a bad price. But not compelling enough for me to buy one. Have been able to get refurbed Kindle Keyboards (w/1 year warranty) from other websites for much less.

I, too LOVE my Kindle Keyboards, all 3G w/o ads. When they offer a real deal on the Kindle Light, I'll consider it.


I'm a bit disappointed that they don't have sd slots or dedicated volume buttons, but overall great improvements. Newer version of android under the hood is nice and of course the beefed up specs. I like that the default is 16gb now instead of 8, helps make up for the lack of an sd slot. The front facing camera should be handy as well, and I assume, I mic? I hope it has a mic.

The hdmi port is a nice touch as well.

The best thing for me at least is the 8.9 inch option. It's a bit pricier than I would've liked but they make it worth it with the better specs and I am interested in this specific size. I feel like 10 inch tablets are sometimes too big, and sometimes I find my 7 inch kindle too small, so maybe 8.9 would be the perfect sweet spot.


Thanks for starting this question, I had meant to follow-up, but my body had other plans.

As far as the new tablet(s) and e-reader choices: We like the new reader and are planning on purchasing one, but we are still wondering if the new Fire will be enough for us. I don't want to always be trapped in the vicious hands of a multi-billion dollar tycoon...I mean...I don't want to have to upgrade in a year or two.


Small update:

The HD kindles both have mic's and camera's which is nice. Also volume rockers.

Apparently all three new kindle fires have advertisements on the lockscreen which sounds kinda lame, although I've heard from the older kindles that people generally dont find them very obtrusive.

Also, a lot of people will just root the device and install a custom rom so it won't really effect them.


We have a couple of ipads.....I can wait until the "next big thing".


It's nice to see Amazon take some ground from Apple. I like the PaperWhite - just not enough to buy it since there are 2 working Kindles and a half dozen booklights floating around my house. Drop that PaperWhite to <$100 and I might be in.


Re: The Kindle Light. It holds less books than the Kindle Keyboards I currently own. In addition, it no longer has audio. Regressing? In those respects, a resounding yes. The only new features: the 'white' pages and the light. Absolutely NOT worth the price they're asking.


@portezbie: I'm not terribly sure how the new ones work, but the way my Kindle 3G Keyboard works is that the advertisement only shows when you the screen is locked. IIRC, as soon as you unlock it, it goes to the bottom of the index page. The index page of the book listing anyway. It is very, very tiny and not annoying at all. When you are reading a book, the advertisement never shows.

I personally found it fine. In addition, I took advantage of some of the ads, so I can't really complain. I guess we'll see how it pans out with the new devices.


Pre-ordered the Paperwhite w/offers. The review on Gizmodo sealed the deal. It will only hold 1k books but I keep my books in pdf format on my computer and convert them via email then delete them from the Kindle when I'm done anyway.


Guess I'm one of the only people who really wants the Kindle Paperwhite. I'd think about pre-ordering, but I think I will wait for the first reviews and wait to see what bugs the thing will have.


@wilfbrim: Oh, I DO want one. Love the idea of the built-in light w/o being 'back-lit.' Just think they're asking way too much for it. Am patient...will wait for the price to be lowered....a lot. ;-) Also, you're doing the right thing in waiting for the bugs to be found & fixed. I imagine there will be a few. There always are w/each new release.