questionswe are going to the halloween expo this weekend…


I know movies usually dictate some of the common costumes, so I'm a little interested how Djano Unchained is going to manifest itself.


Continue the trend of making things that shouldn't be slutty, slutty. Slutty M&M!


Vanellope von Schweetz from Wreck -It Ralph!
Just a great design and cute costume.

Someone did a nice cosplay of her.


A Hostess Ding Dong costume, a la Jamie Foxx on SNL:


@pitamuffin: There actually are Hostess costumes, by a company called Rasta Imposta. Wonder if they'll still have them now that Hostess is No More?


Just an overall request for cute plus size costumes that don't attempt to be 'slutty' - Thanks!


The hottest costumes for next Halloween are likely for some meme or trend that hasn't happened yet.

That said, I call slutty-zombie-vampire-steampunk as the next "it" costume.


I would like to add to the cry for women's costumes that do not get you confused with prostitutes. It's pretty difficult to find a women's costume that isn't named "Sexy __"


Show starts tomorrow, I'll see what we can find. Be interesting to see if the wreckit Ralph this is there. We try to find NonSexy "slutty" costumes whenever we go, all the vendors insist sexy is a HUGE market, we don't do so well with them. Thanks for all the comments, keep em coming.