questionswhere can i get a tie dyeable necktie?


Buy some 100% cotton and follow these instructions to make your own:


The have one for $20.00 at
They sell supplies for DIY inkjet printing on fabric, so chances are good it would be suitable for tie dye.


From a down-on-his-luck hippie?


@publicart: Ties are remarkably annoying to sew. I swear the point at the bottom never looks right. I guess it could also have to do with the fact that the fabric I was working with was shiny/synthetic.


This isn't really of any help, but I found a whole bunch of white 50/50 ties at a thrift store once. Looked like left overs from wedding outfits. So they do exist! Maybe worse comes to worse you can find a template for sewing a tie and just do it yourself, probably not too difficult.


I found these paintable ones:
But I think you will have trouble using a traditional tie-dye technique, because the structure of a finished tie precludes actually tying it. You could emulate the look on this with paint, however. Or, you could tie dye a piece of fabric, and fabric fuse it onto a plain tie.


I have absolutely no idea, but I'm going to be stuck on the mobius strip of "tie-dyed tie" all day in my head.