questionscan you reccomend a gun cleaning kit?


You may have missed this question from a few months back. Lots of good info there. Hoppe's seems to get a lot of votes.


Nice gun. For my pistols (.380 and 9mm) I use:

I complete my kit with: for patches and for cleaning.

Don't underestimate a good q-tip either.


not sure how I missed this convo.. but I would not really recommend a gun cleaning "kit"

Unless you own 50 firearms and at least one of every caliber, buying an entire kit is a waste of money (and often times you still have to end up buying separate items).

My recommendation is buying the brush tips you need for the gun you intend to clean, invest in cotton swabs, and buy a bottle of "Gunzilla" (a type of CLP).

Also if your firearm has any rust on it, go to Lowes/Home Depot and buy 0000 Steel Wool (yes 4 0's).. Wet it with CLP and lightly rub at first and then build up pressure, it will pull the rust off very easily. 0000 Steel Wool is as fine as human hair and won't damage the blue of your gun. (However if the rust went through the blue of the gun, you will notice "silver-looking" spots). But it's better to have the rust off, then for it to continue to rust.


Also most of the firearms I purchase, seems to come with brush-tip (I think Glocks come with a Nylon tip).

YouTube is also your friend.. I always youtube the best/efficient way to clean any firearm I purchase. (because not all firearms are the same technique). For instance the Mosin Nagant 91/30 is a pain in the butt to clean, and I shoot corrosive 7.62/54R Russian Surplus ammo out of mine, so I have to clean it right after the range every time.


@devexityspace: yep glocks come with a nylon brush, they really don't want you using anything else. The plastic rod has a patch holder on it.

I tell people to buy a bore snake in the caliber they need, they are very nice to use, take up little space, and can be used for awhile before being replaced.

maybe buy a small flat head brass tool, as it really helps to get heavy carbon deposits out of the way and maybe a box of long handled qtips/cotton swabs. I have all kinds of junk , but a bore brush, patches, lubricant/oil, and cleaner/solvent is all you will need ( a rod for a long gun and a small rod for handguns if you don't have a bore snake). I bottle of solvent will go a long long time. A bottle of lubricant, if used correctly, will virtually last a lifetime (in the case of the glock, they only want you to apply maybe 2-3 small drops).


@ecriscit: I simply "wet" a rag with Gunzilla CLP and then wipe down the internals of the Glock. (Just enough to give it a shine, ie: no drips or caked on oil). They don't run as tight as say a 1911, but as with any gun, oil is king to keep rust away and to ensure the weapon completes it's cycle while firing a round.

Unless you have an AK47, then you can abuse the heck out of that loose rifle and it will always shoot :D


Make sure any patches you use are cotton. Polyester seems to react with some solvents to leave some goo on your weapon.

I work in a gun shop/gun range. We use Hoppes and Strike Hold on our guns.


I agree with the comments above that you don't need a gun kit, they are expensive and come with way too much crap. Just buy the pieces you need for your gun, a couple bristle brushes, a plush bore swab, cleaning oil and gun oil, lots of cotton patches (I use old T-shirts), and maybe some steel wool. You don't need anything fancy or expensive just remember to clean it each time you use it.

My wife has a Ruger SR22 and she loves it, how are you liking the SR9?


Welcome to the Ruger club! I use a SR9C for a daily carry, so you are in for a treat with that gun!

As to cleaning kits, I purchased something similar to this from Gander Mountain, it's a nice kit especially if you think you will be purchasing bigger guns in the future. . While they have smaller, cheaper kits, it's always nice to be able to clean a larger range of guns when the zombies come to town!

If you do not mind me asking, what made you pick the Ruger SR9?


I use Hoppes products. I think I initially bought a "starter kit" with the basics, then just picked up stuff as I needed it after that (solvent, oil, patches, etc..). I also have bore snakes... which I L-O-V-E. I use them on both pistols and rifles. Saves me a lot of time, especially when I take multiple firearms to the range and have to clean them all.

I also have a toothbrush, q-tips, and a small towel to lay things on. Everything is in a tupperware making my own "kit" :-)


Nothing tops off a good day at the range like the smell of Hoppes!