questionsis woot using non-retail packaging now?!?


They've done this for a very long time, as far as I know. I agree that it should appear in the product description.

A few years ago, I ordered several things intended for gifts to charities, and was dismayed to see them arrive in just shrink wrap (for children's hammer and peg boards), and similar packaging for other items. I just took them all over to a local family shelter, and bought other things elsewhere.

I don't know that there's an easy answer to this one. I recognize that the places these items are coming from may not want discounted purchasers returning these items to brick and mortar stores, and that providing an alternative package would increase the cost (perhaps significantly).

I would suggest a simple sticker could alleviate much of this, or even a stamp. It could be a fun picture of Mortimer, perhaps, or even the Woot! logo itself.

If @thunderthighs or @faughtey could pass this to the relevant decision maker, that would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance. :-}


Did you check with support? I looked at the hex bugs page, and didn't see any indication that it wouldn't be retail packaging either.


It looks like from research there are two interesting observations:

1. I can't find it sold anywhere except that woot, so it looks like it was some kind of woot exclusive or "woot launch" from the good 'ole days

2. It looks like the non-glow version has some kind of cardboard wrap around the section inside the handle to keep it from opening and loosing the contents (This glow version doesn't have that wrap)

Still, I'm kinda confused about the packaging - this doesn't look like what I would get if I could purchase it at retail, and I feel like we should be informed that it's something woot exclusive or some reason for the non-retail appearance


You will sometimes see generic packaging if the item is a special bundle just for us or if the vendor doesn't want it sold with the retail package for some reason.

You bring up good points though especially in this gifting season. I've passed this on to the PTB.

As always, thanks for the feedback.


I ordered these -

The first two times I bought them, I received them in retail packaging and the last couple of times I bought them, I received them in bulk packaging. In this case it was a rectangular box which was much easier to wrap than the standard retail bubble pack.

I agree though that it would be nice if the description mentioned that the item would be received in non-retail packaging.


I've been bit by the same issue. I ordered a couple of the Motorola Bluetooth mice off of a woot plus sale a few weeks ago to use as gifts, but the mice arrived packaged simply in a bubble wrap bag.
They were just $4 mice, granted, so I wasn't too bothered by it, but I was expecting retail packaging since the item was listed as new.


New is new. Why is the package it comes in such a big deal?


@autotechinstl: If you're giving it as a gift, you want it to LOOK new, too. For personal use, you're right, not a big deal.


I don't think it would be that hard to add in the description "non retail packaging". I think most of us assume that products come that way. A line or two indicating that either the product comes in non-retail packaging (aka "white box"), or no packaging at all would be useful.