questionshow do you move?


We've moved once a year for the past 4 years. We pack it up and get all our friends to help us move. They've all had their own moves, and we help them with it, so they've always given us a hand.

Our rent is shooting up in June, so we'll be moving again...This year however, we're probably going to get a truck with movers(also, hopefully find an apartment we can deal with for longer than a year!). We now have two couches and I don't even think I can stand the thought of moving boxes again.

We do about half plastic bins and half cardboard boxes (which can be surprisingly hard to find). The cardboard boxes tend to get our clothes and plastic ones tend to get the heavier stuff.


My wife and I moved in november last year. She was a peach and packed up everything so we only had boxes and furniture. My entire family except my brother were all out often that week so we had little to no help. We did have a long bed pickup so that was helpful. After about 15 trips in the truck and van simotaneously we got it all moved. My wife is already talking about moving again too. I told her two houses was enough so we needed to sell one of them before she got any ideas


Friends/family have always been enough for me, and I used to move almost every 6 months. The key is repaying the favor, or better yet, helping them first so you have a favor to cash in. I've helped more people move than I can remember.

@jesseroo: If you know anyone that sells Avon, ask for their shipping boxes. They're sturdy, and they're all the same size. It makes for a more efficient use of what is typically limited space (like say, in a UHaul). Just don't overpack them, or they won't stack properly.


I used to move around a lot. I have done all of the above. However, if I ever move again I will sell as is, and leave everything except personal items. The only time that is likely to occur is my DH's retirement (8 1/2 years and counting...) and we will be fulltimers in the rv.


@inkycatz: you might want to check this thread:

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We moved recently, and are getting ready to move again. What we did last time was box everything up and have our friends help us move all the boxes.. then got pros to move the appliances (fridge, oven, couch, washer, dryer, piano).

This time we're going to do something similar, but instead of having friends move us we're planning on getting a Pod -- we want to avoid having all the boxes end up in the basement or a room and getting in the way of the unpacking (or never getting unpacked).

I used to move a lot, but until recently haven't moved in awhile... My wife likes the plastic totes -- they are nice for carrying heavier/awkward loads -- but I find they're harder to pack in the truck. I generally prefer uniform-sized cardboard boxes -- not whatever you can fish out of the supermarket's cardboard dumpster -- and it's worth paying $0.69/box for the "small" boxes (16"x12"x12") at Home Depot or wherever. (Use many smaller boxes when possible over fewer large heavy boxes.)


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Generally I hire a mover for the furniture and bigger boxes and then move the smaller stuff myself to cut down on paid time.


The Air Force used to move me. Now we're on our own.


I live in nyc and I always shell out the dough for movers. There are too many stairs in this city and it just isn't worth throwing my back out or imposing on my friends.


I moved 7 months ago, and packed myself (love the egg & banana boxes from the grocery store).

My friends, family, and church friends helped me move. Thankfully, I was moving about half a mile, so we could just load up trucks and a small moving van a couple times, and we were done. My church friends were especially AMAZING about this. We were done (including getting things from a storage unit a couple miles away) in under 4 hours. Fabulous.

The biggest thing I recommend is purging before you move. And having friends who have a lot of moving history. And making sure any boxes you put in the basement are up high so when it pours a week later you don't lose some of your book collection. Grrr... Aarrgh.


I hire my friends. Most of them are unemployed or drive pizza. I pay them $20 plus fried chicken and beer for 5 hours or so of work. It's less than minimum wage, so it isn't really a "hire" it's a compromise between paying a stranger and asking friends to help. I do this when I need a major job done at my house like painting as well.


@hottubrf: I was tempted to respond "In mysterious ways." But I don't know how many people listen to U2.


@moondrake: I had to move once in October (after The Unforgettable Fire), and Boy let me tell you, it was War. Under A Blood Red Sky, we packed up All That You Can't Leave Behind. I couldn't remember How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb, so I just left it for the next tenant. Once everything was unpacked at my new home, I sat under The Joshua Tree and had a Pop.

True story...mostly.


If I am helping you move (and having a truck I do this often), anything small enough to fit in a box, but not in a box does not get picked up.

Similarly, any box that is not closed does not get picked up. Your open box with random crap sticking up will not stack.

Cardboard for some things, plastic totes for other...does not matter. But the box must be closed and stackable.

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Having moved twice within the confines of the same town, we've done 90% of our moves ourselves and would continue to do so. I actually had to do all of our last move as we had some complicated family situations going on at the time. We have, in the past, coordinated to have two weekends of overlap where we're paying rent at both places, so we can load-unload repeatedly over the course of 10 days or so.

What I did was reused the same plastic and oversized canvas totes about 5 or 6 times, starting with items that had a home (kitchen stuff) and ending with items having none.

In the event of another move, we'll probably rent a U-Haul for a several day period, load unnecessary/out-of-season stuff first, and slowly move the rest in until it's all loaded and ready to go.


If you do get movers, do a lot of research. There are areas where they've had problems with people loading all your stuff into the truck, driving it to their warehouse & doubling/tripling the delivery fees. They can do this legally & you have to pay the increase or they can keep your stuff.

I know they've cracked down on it, but there are some locations & contracts that allow for it. My information on this is a few years old, but I know it is/was out there.

Any time I've moved, I've just bought lunch for a few friends and done it that way.


Last time I moved, I did all the boxed up stuff myself (mixture of boxes and totes). I had a friend help me with the furniture.


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I like to move stuff myself, We have a pickup so that part is not a problem, I dont want hired help handling all my crap, rent a truck or borrow one from friends

get friends to help you pack it, taking them out to eat as a thank you is usually good enough for anyone

as for packing, just use whatever you have, then if you need more containers, buy as many plastic totes as you have use for, then start on cardboard , since they will probably be thrown away. or just pack some, unpack and make multiple trips with the same containers, but that depends how far your moving.


I have moved from apartment to apartment far more than I should have to, and I don't have a lot of money. Here's my plan:

1) Gather up plenty of cardboard boxes of different sizes - then gather more. If you can get sturdy boxes from stores after they unpack a shipment, then that helps a lot.

2) Go room by room and pack the least-used things first. Start in a closet. Purge as much as possible. Throw out, sell, or give away anything you don't think you'll use in the next 2 years.

3) When packing boxes, I buy a set of brightly-colored neon garage sale price stickers. Pick a color for each general area/room. Put the correct-color sticker on every box AND label the box on 2 sides with a sharpie.

4) Pack every box full, but not overflowing. Use miscellaneous materials like old clothing/bedding or crumpled newspapers to fill in fragile boxes. You want the box to close tightly and to not hear anything when you gently shake the box. Tape every box with packaging tape.




5) Reserve a truck. Prefer Budget over Uhaul - Uhaul will not guarantee a reservation until the night before your move.

6) Give yourself at least 30 days to pack things into boxes. For items you'll use on the first night or in the first few days add an extra sticker or URGENT label to each box to make them easier to find. Pack these into an open box early and live out of the box to help make room to pack.

7) Computer monitors or small TV's go in the seat of a car. They wear a seatbelt to stay in place.

8) I'm not so great at packing a truck, so I won't even go there

9) On moving day, if you have friends or family helping, let them know what color box goes in each room. After the first few boxes are unloaded, they'll know where everything goes without asking. You can label the appliances and furniture with color stickers as well - avoid places where it might damage the surface.

I always have utilities and Internet set up at the new place ahead of the move as well.


@phoenixgirrl: Ahh, yes. The good old Eggs Box 360. That's what we nicknamed the reliable cardboard box just big enough to hold a lot of stuff, but narrow enough to keep it in place.

We call it the Eggs Box 360 because it holds 30 dozen eggs, and because of course, it sounds like the name of a popular game console.


In the past 10 years, I've moved 6 times, helped my brother move 5 times, and my cousin has moved 3 times. Protocol is the same for each, call up family/friends, offer pizza and beer, rent a Uhaul (none of us have moved more than about 80 miles). It doesn't take 6-7 people too long to load your boxes into and out of the truck. Packing and unpacking is your responsibility :-D

Just know if you call in your family or friends, you will have to help them move every time in the future...


Isn't that what friends are for? :)
I moved 3 times in the last 5 years. I work in a place where there're so many empty strong cardboard boxes, so that's what I use.