questionsdoes woot have any good deals ever on steam…


Once in a while. But I couldn't tell you how often. My full size Rowenta came from woot.


The closest thing woot has had was this one:

It has been on sale many many times, but hasn't been listed since September in this sale


@thumperchick: do you like that brand? Also about what did you pay if you recall. Thanks!


@macsblow: Here's a vote for Rowenta from me. Super happy with their irons. Had one in Germany that was the best iron I've ever used in 30+ years (that's how long I've been ironing) and was terribly sad to give it up when I came back to the States. Had to go out and buy an American model.


@macsblow: We bought This One in 2010. Paid $69.99+ $5 shipping. It works. I'm happy with it. we've used it to steam clothes, wedding dress, steam old wallpaper off someone's walls, and more. The handle tends to come apart easily, but it works well.


I can give you a good deal on a Cleveland Steamer :)


I got the Sunbeam from woot and it's been wonderful! Best bucks I've ever spent here.


The Sunbeam was a great steamer until the 3rd prong broke off in my outlet. Had to pitch it to the curb then. I waited as long as I could for Woot to put up another one but eventually I had to move on.