questionsis there a hidden bag of crap today?


I ran back to my office when I saw it on Twitter to start searching but I'm afraid it may be a cruel joke... :(


@hackman2007: hahaha, thats almost as awesome as a BOC


Go to the main Woot site and do: Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A



@hackman2007: But everytime I "select" "start" my computer restarts.


@hackman2007: You got me... you wonderful son of a gun.


Indiana Jones carefully lifts a plain vessel and says, "That's the crap of a carpenter."


Has anyone tried holding down Alt+F4?


It's probably on wine.woot: the "box of chocolates".


On, I played the "Fling the Monkey" game and, at the end, when I clicked off it, I ended up on kids.woot! with the bandaids from a few weeks ago. I went back to Woot!, played again and ended up at either kids or woot! with a water bottle in a woot-off.
Tried again, refreshing until the game came up, played again but didn't get back to the woot off.
So either there's a server glitch or there's something there. Might depend on how many points you score in the game.
Sadly, lunch is over and I have to go back to doing real work.


Nice Rick Astley video from the 80's :)


@llandar: Okay, I'm going to try that right no-


What's funny about this is that @ThunderThighs told people not to joke about a hidden Bag of Crap (in the aPen thread, right after woot-off ended) as it..."isn't nice, and is just mean-spirited" when now the staff is tweeting about it, and telling people to ALT+F4...

Sorry got a bit choked up on the hypocrisy.

Who watches the watchmen?

All of this is true, do I really care though? Nah. Just find it ironic


@linuxtrance: Nowhere in their tweet did it say Bag of Crap (I think that @sachmet hit the nail on the head). Come on, it's all fun and games.


Wine.woot has what looks to be a Book of Chocolates. At least that's what Brix's packaging looks like to me.


Question to the staffers

Do BoC's even ship to APO addresses? And if they do, does the fact that the APO has limitations prevent someone from getting a decent BoC?

I don't want my recent move to the UK ruin my wooting ;C


@lmensor: LOL! You've been Rickrolled! I admit I really liked that song in the 80's and will admit to watching the video, without being Rickrolled!


@linuxtrance: it's one thing for our writers to tease as they are known to be sarcastic and are followed on twitter by people that generally know about woot.

It's something entirely different when you have users trying to trick other users (especially new users) into thinking that they're missing something.

As to what the writers post in forums, I ain't their momma.

That's my feeling and I'm sticking to it.


@thunderthighs: Lol, you know I could really care less, I'm just bored at work and thought I'd just type out some words.

Also, I figured with the extremely over-dramatic quote in there that it wouldn't be taken too seriously. Was thinking about putting this one in, but then though, hmm no.

Asking a working writer what he thinks about critics is like asking a lamppost how it feels about dogs.


@thunderthighs: Is this a trick to have us stop looking, so you can find BOC first?


@thunderthighs: I think during every woot-off one BOC should be delivered by Rick Astley. Thoughts?


@linuxtrance: I should point out though that we will delete clues to hidden BOCs when posted in those threads. However, when I or another staff member comes flat out and says there's no hidden link, you can trust 'em. Well, unless it's one of the writers. =P


@packman711: Million dollar ideal!


@thunderthighs: Well I sure am old enough to @llandar 's mom - and I fell for the F4 - never DID know what those F keys were for. :)


@chefferz: I haven't ordered anything from woot that didn't ship to my APO. That being said, I haven't ordered giant rugs or wine or lawnmowers or whatnot. I will say that if you order a computer or similar it may take about 45 days or so.


@thunderthighs: I think it would be funnier if 1 item in your Bag of Crap was a Rick Astley CD... TRUE TROLLING TO THE MAX!!!


Just don't try to Rick roll people on the forums... it get's you put on probation for 96 hours.


@acdawg: ...aaaaaaand 95 hours still left for you. what will you do with your time during probation?


@acdawg: Wow, 96 hours? That seems a tad overkill. Spamming lolcat pictures only got me 4.


@w00tgurl: Nothing different really. I don't usually post much anyways.


@chefferz: just get yourself a storage that will accept stuff and put it in our storage for you. Or your mum. Or an address that doesn't look like a PO box! Adnd for wine, wine storage!


@acdawg: I'm guessing you did it more than once, and not amusingly. A witty one and I'm sure they won't. you can rickroll people in your signature though. When I had a little problem with them a while back, it was a hilarious gag. And the text was quite apposite :)