questionsis this a new record?


I went from inactive to black within 24 hours. And that was when black triangles were for 99-100, not 90-100. Sorry.


Nope - I know of several that made it in less than a week. Sorry.

Congrats on your new darkness!


Hm, now I'm ashamed I took so long..


I remember when it was hard to get in the black, so to speak, ah those were the days. Granted I spent a lot of that time lurking.


Hey, you kids, Get off my lawn


[...and whoever downvoted the question is just mean...]


I went black over the thanksgiving holiday weekend, because my work screwed me out of letting us know early enough if we were going to have the time off or not, so I couldn't fly home for the holiday, and had 4 days of time to fill with Deals.woot.


Plus, I'm willing to bet that most of the staff had a black triangle from the get-go. At least I would have if I were them just to have some bragging rights. It should also be pointed out that I have nothing that really passes for a life, so this stuff matters to me.


About two months ago, I did it in 10 days. If you're very active, it's not too hard to get the black triangle and keep it...

Nonetheless, congrats :D Welcome to Black Triangledom


@shrdlu: [...and whoever downvoted the question is just mean...]

Yes, the haters, they be a hatin'....


@captainsuperdawg: I gently point out that there are many staff members who do not have black triangles, for various reasons. Those that post #sponsored deals get hammered by the downvotes (waves at @thefenst). Many staff members have "post deals" as part of their job description, which also includes providing help via comments (and their helpful comments naturally are voted up).

I also remind you of the winsome @inkycatz, who remains firmly ensconced in the realm of green triangles, as a counter example.

The population of staff with various colored triangles almost certainly mimics, in microcosm, the general Deals population, with some having black triangles, and even the mighty @jumbowoot barely holding his own in the purple range. If anyone was going to be able to claim a black triangle by fiat rather than through the same mechanisms the rest of us go to, he'd be it.

I just wish they'd lessen the value of asking questions. PLEASE


@shrdlu: Sponsored deals actually don't count against my reputation. My deal-hunting reputation is 99.97%. It is my lack of voting, tattling, and asking questions that causes me to be a purple triangle.


@thefenst: I'm glad to hear this. I've always felt bad for you and @prettywootprincess when the downvoting starts.

I still have a certain fondness for the original four, even though one of you has vanished from my ken. Goodness, I'm being nostalgic for something that was only two years ago. Life is crazy, you know?



@shrdlu: I just wish they'd lower the value of voting for questions. There are a lot of questions out there that are just not worthy of a vote in either direction.


Due to what I'm sure was some sort of technical glitch, I awoke in this world with a black triangle. I was almost entirely inactive for the first few months, and had no problem maintaining it. It's only with the recent rep changes that I've really varied all that far out of the 96-100 range. There's no more resting on my laurels for me these days.