questionswhat are they thinking, wearable computers for…


Hey Mister!! Why does your dog keep looking up my skirt??? ;->


Scientist think: We can give service dogs the ability to communicate with team members efficiently.
Consumer think: How can we use this for adult content?

It is just like the internet, the idea of the internet was to connect computers to share data freely with as many people as possible.


Paranoid much? Cameras that you attach to your pet (via vest or collar) have been around for awhile now. Mostly people just want to see what their pets do during the day. There is also RFI implants and GPS collars to keep track of you pet's location and make them scan-able by vets and whatnot.
A wearable computer would sort of just put all this in one with the added benefit of being able to translate movements and so forth to an easy to understand format for humans. There are easier ways to spy on you.


@bsmith1: Yes, but in this case the dogs are trained to use the computer to send messages or record information. A random dog cam is not that important but with training dogs can perform all kinds of tasks and organized dog surveillance for whatever reason is just one step away.