questionsapril bag of crap discussion!


sold out in 8 seconds to 1 person.


Sorry for my Q. One bag? REALLY, I MEAN...really, Woot?


Just great! I did not sleep last night (due to rain issues in my bedroom) and I have to be at work tomorrow both early and coherent and will not be able to check on woot very often during the day.

I fear that I cannot play woot's game tonight, as much as I would love to do so, and tomorrow not much either.

This totally sucks. ;)


I approve of these shenanigans.
Keep up the good work ColonelCrap.


That (1) Bag of Crap better be a 65'' HDTV or the entire collection of Woot Monkeys. The chances alone of getting it are astronomical. Ok not as crazy as winning the lottery, but still luck-crazy.


There goes Woot putting the Random back in Bag of Crap. Yessss!

I've long missed the random midnight bags (but still have yet to score).


The last time I checked, the folks over on the BOC message board had determined that this particular bag holds about $7500 of carp, based on the numbers in Woot's breakdown. Hmmmm. That's a LOT of carp!


@belyndag: Mayhaps there will be 7500 $1 BOCs available. Woot crapeth, and woot crapeth away.

Good idea on the thread, too. Got to keep it all contained, like a biohazard spill.


@belyndag & @okham: Last month I think they totaled all the BOCs for the whole Woot-Off in one count.


@baqui63: Rain IN your bedroom? Dude, if that is what is going you have far bigger problems that not getting a BOC.



With a heavy rain when the wind is just right (or if the gutter backs up with a very heavy rain), water gets in just above my bedroom ceiling and makes its way over the first piece of sheetrock (ie. four feet into the room) and then forms water bubbles along the edge of that piece of sheetrock, just above the left edge of my bed.

This has now happened twice: first due to a backed up leader well over a year ago and now due to a storm with an unusual wind direction (and possibly also a backed up gutter... I didn't notice as early this time, nor was it anywhere near as bad as the first time).

After this time, the problem will be fixed properly (as head of my condo's board, I think I can state that with certainty). ;)

As for a BoC, the real fun is in the chase. Hopefully, I'll be able to participate in that chase. Especially after last month's bag, which was the best one I've ever gotten by far, worth well over $100 even after we broke the Batman copter toy.


@baqui63: Rain in bedroom is some serious crap


Processing now. First time I've ever gotten that far :)

I called it in the IRC too :D

edit: :( "your order is NOT in."


Woot! Got in on it! Thanks, Woot Gods!



I got back to my office from a meeting just before the BoC came up.

Typed my CCV and clicked the I Want One button, then the Info is correct button... Smoothest BoC purchase ever. Except for one small detail: I didn't get one. :,(

Ah well... Such is life.


@baqui63: This was my smoothest yet and I actually got one. 1 2 3 no hangups and then confirmed I would get it 2 minutes later.

I was shocked at how fast it sold out without a crash, I went to my co-workers desk next door to try for them (took lunch at the wrong time!) and was sold out by the time I got there 20 seconds from the time I clicked I Want One.


In - had my password copied to my clipboard already.


Didn't get one, sadly. But I'm all ears for the next one(s)!

I admit it.. I think I stared at the "I want one" button for about five seconds before realizing it was a bag of crap.

Been having some slow days lately.


i'll try to let ya know next time i have to leave for ten minutes. that's when they always show up


Third time's the charm! Got one!

Though it was strange.... it started by showing Sold Out so I kept hitting F5 until it didn't and then it went very smoothly and worked.

So it seems they ae being sold in batches of 500 (after that first one that stirred the pot at 2:50 AM Eastern).

I'm liking the new system.


5 years and FINALLY, I got one! It better be super crappy! WOOT!!!



It came up as sold out, I checked the stats and saw none had sold, refreshed and saw still sold out.

I figured the trick must be in the description so I read the whole thing before clicking refresh again. Then I was too late- the bar was already 1/3 the way down, and by the time I put in my security code they were gone.

Someday I'll get it right...



That's (almost) exactly what I did, except that when I saw it was still at 501 sold, I figured something was not right and started refreshing the Sold Out page. After about a dozen F5's I got the I Want One page with the bar at about 80%.

I actually wasn't all that certain when I clicked the Buy It button, since yesterday's miss started with the bar at basically 100%. But this time worked and I'm now seven for ten.


it came up as sold out, i refreshed (many times) all stayed at sold out, in multiple windows saw it went from 501 to 1998 sold. never had the option to buy. guess i will never get one.


I just did the biggest happy dance ever! My first BOC!!!!

I freggin love this site!


Congratz to everyone who has received a BOC so far. I usually wait till the item switch before i leave home from work but every time i do that a 20 minute woot item comes up and i regret not leaving. I figured i should leave on time today and 5 minutes later the BOC drops. I know I could have got a BOC if I had been in front of a computer.

In order to keep discussion. How does everyone feel about the new BOC procedure? I'd like to thank @ColonelCrap this new technique is very very good. If I don't get a BOC I really feel like the only person I can be upset with is myself. I haven't seen anybody complain about crashing and the BOC has been in and out in a couple minutes.
Does anyone disagree with me?

Also, @Snapster, Keep up the great work, and I'm sure everyone agrees this is the best way to do the BOC yet. Please don't change it, I'm sure I speak for plenty when I say this is way better!

Anyone wanna back me up?


@cowboydann: "Anyone wanna back me up?"

Well, I'd rather stand behind you than in front of you...

However, I agree: I much prefer the new Barrel of Creosote methods to the earlier ones.


sigh 3 day wootoff.

I give up. I probably wasn't going to get the crappy bag anyway.


I never paid attention to the stats on Woot's, but 1% of the BOC winners joined today! I just think that it crazy/interesting

...crazy in a good way too!