questionsdo you find team names like the blackhawks…


From what I've collected about the issue, team names such as the Braves, Chiefs, Blackhawks, etc all shed a "positive" or a "neutral" light on Native American culture.

On the flip side however, a team name such as the Redskins can be viewed as offensive and demeaning.


No. But then again, if I were Native American I may feel differently.


I agree with @studerc . Although I'm not sure about the Indians. That might be offensive considering the politically correct term is Native Americans. I'm not, so I can't say for sure. Is it like an eskimo/Inuate thing?


I like this poster from the National Congress of American Indians. Redskin has always been pejorative as far as I know. At least it sure seemed that way when I was a kid by the way they used it in old movies.


@zuiquan: Thank you! Perfect example(s).


I think redskin is a derogatory term. All the other NAMES are ok, but I don't think the mascot or logo should be a caricature of the race. (like zuiquan's link showed) The KC Chiefs, for example, are safe because they have a wolf for their mascot and the logo is just an arrowhead. When you pick a name for your team, you're usually doing it out of respect and admiration for that person/place/thing, but you don't want to make a mockery of a race by using a cartoon representation of a whole group of people.
My opinion matters little since I'm not of the Native American race. Just don't get me started on the New Zealand "All Whites"! (kidding)


Well heck, let's just get rid of some of the rest of them:

White Bread

The list is endless.

Does anyone else see the stupidity of trying to be "politically correct". Or am I the only one that grew up having their parents tell them "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me"?


Heh... how about the Pekin Chinks (now Dragons)?

Then again, it is possible for "those who wear the name" to be rightfully proud and yet offend others.

Then again...
If 2 guys can't use "White Power" and "Nigger" during a game of beer pong (and they chose their own team names).... IMHO, it does more harm than healing....