questionshow far have you gotten on candy crush saga?


What's facebook? , Candy crush saga?


@mybestuser1: Facebook is a tool the NSA uses to track every American activities..... in the interest of National Security of coarse.


I've been stuck on 208 for over a week. I take breaks and go up my high score on other levels. I don't pay for extra moves or anything. I play mostly on my iPad.


PS: Sometimes watching the video of that level online gives you a hint on how to go about it.


I don't know, but those pop-ups for it on the mobile failblog site are super annoying...


Up until they told me I have to buy the next levels or get facebook credits to exchange for them.


I don't know if I've been living under a rock but I only now just started playing candy crush. Apparently 76% of my facebook friends are already in on it and I'm just really late to the candy crush party.

i'm at level 53 , I don't buy any extra anything... sometimes I get stuck on a level for a few days.. other ones I breeze right through.


Knowing what Candy Crush is is about as far as I've gotten. I'm not a fan of FB games tbh.


@purplefeather: Yep, seeing the TV Commercial for it is the only way I know what it is. I don't do FB.


My wife is now at 236 and going strong. She gets stuck for a day or so sometimes, but then whips thru 10 in a day right after. She has bought 2 powerups that I have been told of, but refuses to buy anymore. So far....


I am waiting for friends to give me tickets to get to 141. I play on my phone which actually is a disadvantage. You get free powerups when you play through facebook in a real browser. I did pay 99 cents to get passed the first ticket point because I didn't want to be one of those people who floods FB friends with game requests (and I was channeling Macklemore), but since then I have gotten plenty of requests from active players that I feel OK sending them requests as well.


I don't care how fun the "game" is, I really wish people wouldn't participate. The real purpose is to scam the small percentage who will pay out of money. Those that don't pay are spamming all their friends. All Facebook games like that need to die. They are manipulating addictive behavior in vulnerable people.

There are plenty of casual games out there where you can buy the game once and get a great amount of play time out of it. World of Goo is a good example. Also happens to be on sale for $2.49 at Steam (normally $9.99).

I realize it's possible that the only reason people play these games is because they can get to Facebook from work.


My wife has gotten far enough where I hardly talk to her, see her in the same room or watch TV with her any more.