questionsare woot! boxes a thing of the past?


My last order came in a woot box, I think. But I can't be certain.


Stuff that's coming out of Carrollton, TX (aka Woot HQ) are still in Woot boxes. Stuff that's drop-shipped from the manufacturer or FBA (fulfilled by Amazon) won't be.


I have had a mix of woot boxes and other. This thread explains it a little (see the first post from @inkycatz). There was at least one more thread explaining the new shipping which is faster but doesn't always include woot boxes, but I can't find it right now.


Woot boxes still exist, but they are becoming more rare.


I think Woot (Amazon) are using a lot more drop shippers and fulfillment centers in general and they usually use plain boxes. I'm getting less and less Amazon boxes and more plain boxes with a return address of "Return Center" instead.

Insider tid-bit: my company sells on our website but also in marketplaces (eBay, Amazon, Overstock, etc.) We had to change our return address name to "Fulfillment Center" because some of those marketplaces don't want it to seem like it's coming from another company. We also can't use our branded boxes and have separate plain boxes for those orders.


I've been missing the Woot boxes, too! Today I got in the Lasko fan I recently ordered and it was just the product box, which weirded me out a bit (although I suppose it's much less wasteful). And since the new Anvil shirts won't fit me properly, I don't even get to enjoy the Shirt.Woot bags anymore. :(


@heyjoie: Any bag you're particularly looking for? Apparently, I have like a mountain of them.


My BOCs still come in woot boxes and at least you can count of the shirt.woot bags.
The only boring Amazon boxes that I've gotten are fromt wootplus deals.

I think we should just make a stencil and spray paint our own woot boxes.


@narfcake: Ha! :D Thanks so much for the offer, but as I'm sitting here, procrastinating on packing up my apartment for a move, I'm suddenly very aware of how much I probably don't need any more stuff. O_O I mostly just loved seeing the happy little Shirt.Woot bags in my mailbox before I ripped 'em open in anticipation of the goods.

@rabidmonkeyoncrack: My last BOC didn't even come in a Woot box! That was most odd to me.


@mkdr is correct. The box you get depends on the item and how it's shipped.

Drop-ship: Vendor decides what boxes to use
Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA): Amazon boxes
Our Warehouse: Woot boxes or sometimes product boxes

It's interesting to note that one sale can ship from multiple locations due to multiple FBA locations and we may even ship some from our warehouse.


I received the last of my woot off stuff yesterday. Three of the four items came in Woot boxes. Of course, I live in Texas so that may skew the odds. It's funny, they sent my pilates mat in a huge box filled with bags of air, like it was breakable.


@thunderthighs: Credit Narfcake too please. :)

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Not at all. They shipped me a replacement DVD, and I saw the FedEx guy walking up with a Woot box and I said, I bet that's for [my name] in [unit #]. And he said yep, perfect timing, handed me the box and off he went. I know he's glad he didn't have to walk up 4 flights of stairs. Yay for the Woot box.