questionswhat's the matter with voting?


i thought it was just me! i can't even upvote this question. i can't upvote comments, deals, anything!!
argghhh it just started around 2:15pm eastern. everything was fine before then

i'm on Windows 7 on IE7. I've tried logging out and back in, cleared all my passwords and cookies, closed browsers, etc.


I'm good on Firefox currently.


I was just going to ask the same thing. It stopped working about an hour ago. :(

EDIT: Maybe we all got put on probation because a mod didn't like our poliitical discourse on the other voteing thread.


@funkadelic78: must be the browser. at work i'm prohibited from downloading or using anything other than our stock browser of IE7. when i click on an arrow to vote, I get "Error on page." at the bottom left corner of the browser

@shawnmiller @josefresno @dave_bug


chrome is working for me.


I just up-voted you, so I guess it's a personal problem.


Thanks for the head's up. We're looking into it.


Anybody in this thread having a problem with voting but NOT using IE7 or IE8?

Man, I just tried voting from an IE8 browser, and it's kind of cool (although I'm sure it's very frustrating for those who only have access to IE from work). You don't get the "you can't vote" popup, and it looks like you've voted, but the arrow up/down thing doesn't change.

BTW, for future reference, it's @dave bug (no underscore).

For good measure, @mattschuette (hope that's right, since it was from memory).


@shrdlu: How do you do the space with no underscore thing? I just get @dave bug


@ruger9mm: Type the following (changed slightly, out of pity, to Dave Bog):

double quotes at sign dave space bog double quotes

" @ dave bog " = @dave bog (removing the spaces except for the space between dave and bog).

@jsimsace: Then you should name @shawnmiller, so that he'll know it's all IE, including IE9.


@shrdlu: Not working with IE9 either. The vote lights up but doesn't stay lit.

EDIT: My automatic upvote worked.

EDIT2: Votes are working now for IE9.


to answer your question, the electoral college makes your personal vote a waste of time.


@shawnmiller: Voteing seems to be fixed, Thanks


I'm on IE9 at home without any problems.


yup, voting is working now for me again. thanks!

@shawnmiller @josefresno


@w00tgurl: I had the same problem, using the same browser, took the same steps. I figured it was the proxy server at work getting a bit overzealous again (it sometimes does weird things). Switched to Firefox and haven't had the problems.


I almost thought this was gonna be another political thread!

I can vote now too, stopped working about a half hour ago for me!


There's entirely too much money involved and the ridiculous and outdated electoral college system of counting votes makes your vote essentially useless unless you live in a swing sta....Oh, you mean what's the matter with voting on Woot...

I don't know.