questionshow do i keep my crazy cats from knocking over my…


I'd consider using a rigid brace so it can't tip in either direction. Another option is to bolt the foot pedestal of the TV to the TV stand. That's how my friend affixed the brass lamp in my screen room to the metal end table, so it would quit blowing over and breaking light bulbs and ruining the lampshade. That's an informative and upsetting article. Such an easily avoided tragedy, my heart goes out to the people who must have a terrible time living with having made such a simple and disastrous mistake.


@caffeine_dude: Thanks for the second link. It's me that's the clumsy one (before caffeine), and I've put off getting one of those newer TVs because I was convinced I'd knock it on the floor at the first opportunity. Those braces look like just the ticket.

Once again, you've saved the day. :-D

[Edit: I do want to point out that the reviews for that product warn that it's not suitable for large TVs. Then again, I have no interest in an elephant in the living room style of TV.]


I agree that a rigid tether is the best solution, either to the wall or to the stand.


My TV came with a tie-down strap.

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A cheap and temporary solution: Aluminum foil on the TV stand. Cats hate it because their claws scrape on it and it discourages them from staying on a countertop.


I think that a 40" TV will be pretty difficult for a cat to knock over. It'll weigh well over 30lbs. If you're that concerned over it, just buy some Velcro strips and Velcro the bottom of the stand to the entertainment center. I suggest Velcro because you'll be able to easily move your TV and pick it up for cleaning purposes or if you need to move anything around. Your cats are able to knock over a 40" TV Velcro’d to an entertainment center then I suggest not buying a Lion next time.


Thanks to everyone for the links and feedback! I did go with a rigid one

Between my kids and the cat I think it's the only safe way to handle it other than bolting down the TV's stand. Reviews are very mixed on that one I just listed, so I expect I may have to get longer screws or drill out the existing holes, I'm fine with that.


@badgergirl: tried this on furniture & counters before. mine ate the foil! lol


@eraten: Weight isn't so much a factor as the center of gravity. Depending on the design, a cat could easily knock over something weighing 30 pounds. A good breeze could knock over something weighing 30 pounds. Velcro would definitely help, but still the design of the TV (or any other object) is what you need to work with. Or against, as the case may be.


Worked for me when I had cats.


Oh, come on. It's obvious... get rid of the cats. Save your sanity, eliminate vet bills, food, and kitty litter expenses, not to mention removing the aggravation of cat hair everywhere.


Knock the cats over first or booby trap the TV.


I'm a big fan of wall-mounts for many reasons, including this. Raises the TV up where it doesn't get damaged as much, both by tipping or people touching, bumping it, etc. One less big piece of furniture to have around (you can get a small stand to hold a blu-ray player or what not). Etc.


Try the new motion-sensor 'air fresheners', cats hate smelling "Fresh"...


@clutch4124: "Put the cats to sleep"

Please, this is unreasonable... the cost of the drugs to tranquilize the cats every time you want to watch TV will be very high - not to mention the cats will get addicted...


Buy wolf piss online and then spray it on your HDTV carefully so it doesn't get inside the electronics. Your cats will avoid anything sprayed. PS this advice stinks so don't do it.


get a dog. The cats will eventually leave.